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Pickleball Arrives at Bicentennial Unity Plaza in Downtown Indy

Pickleball Arrives at Bicentennial Unity Plaza:  Bicentennial Unity Plaza is delving into the growing world of pickleball, a sport rapidly gaining popularity across the United States. The plaza, which is situated nearby to Gainbridge Fieldhouse at the intersection of South Pennsylvania and East Maryland streets, is transforming its rink to accommodate this speedy activity.

Starting from July 8 through September 24, pickleball enthusiasts can book one of three courts every Monday and Tuesday. The facility offers flexible reservations, serving both competitive duos and singles seeking a dynamic workout. The facility charges $10 per player per hour for doubles matches and $15 per player per hour for singles play.

For those preferring spontaneity, walk-ins are welcome, dependent on court availability. Although we encourage players to bring their own equipment, we can provide a limited supply of paddles and balls upon request.

Data from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, which reports pickleball as the fastest-growing sport in the United States for three consecutive years, supports the rise of pickleball. This statistic underlines the sport’s appeal, attracting a diverse range of participants drawn to its accessibility and engaging gameplay.

Bicentennial Unity Plaza’s initiative not only taps into this nationwide trend but also encourages community engagement by offering a dedicated space for active recreation. Whether seasoned players or newcomers, everyone can enjoy the thrill of pickleball between the vibrant backdrop of downtown Indianapolis.

News in Brief: Pickleball Arrives at Bicentennial Unity Plaza

Bicentennial Unity Plaza in Indianapolis is encouraging pickleball, a rapidly popularizing sport in the US. From July 8 to September 24, the plaza will convert its rink into three pickleball courts, available for reservations every Monday and Tuesday. Players can book for doubles at $10 per hour per player and singles at $15. Walk-ins are welcome based on court availability, with equipment provided upon request. The initiative aligns with pickleball’s nationwide growth trend, appealing to diverse participants for its accessibility and engaging gameplay. This effort aims to foster community engagement through active recreation in downtown Indianapolis.

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