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Morning Tennis and Pickleball at City Park Gets New Court Schedule

Pickleball at City Park Gets New Court Schedule: Amidst the scenic backdrop of Park City, Utah, a subtle shift in the rhythm of recreational sports is underway. Beginning Monday, June 3rd, Park City Recreation introduces a novel scheduling system for the shared tennis and pickleball courts nestled within the serene expanse of City Park. 

With the growing demand of pickleball, we’ve heard feedback from both tennis and pickleball players about wanting more availability for their specific sport,” said Cole Johnston, racquet sports division manager at Park City Recreation. “We decided to designate odd days for pickleball and even days for tennis. This should minimize conflict and allow both users to access the facility.”

Situated at the southern fringes of City Park, these courts brings enthusiasts with their promise of spirited competition and communal camaraderie. These hallowed grounds, despite their allure, operate on a principle of equity, giving precedence on a first-come, first-served basis. Cole Johnston emphasizes that this paradigm shift, which is operational from 8 a.m. to noon daily, serves as a call to players, assuring them of designated windows to indulge in their chosen pursuit.

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Beyond the logistical details, this endeavor symbolizes a deeper commitment to creating inclusivity and harmony within the recreational landscape. It reflects an earnest opportunity to honor the diverse passions that animate our community, ensuring that every enthusiast, be they a devotee of the gentle thud of a pickleball paddle or the resounding echo of a tennis ball against racket strings, finds solace and satisfaction within these hallowed courts.

“We’re just asking people to be good sports and good community members about it. This isn’t meant to cause more conflict; it’s meant to ease it. Our hope is that this will be a good test run to see if we can manage it and make it work for everyone. Things can always be changed or adjusted, but we’re hopeful this will be effective.”-(johnston)

As the sun ascends over the picturesque skyline of Park City, casting a golden hue upon the expanse of City Park, a new era dawns for recreational sports enthusiasts. With measured steps and collective resolve, Park City Recreation paves the way for a future where the pursuit of athletic excellence converges seamlessly with the ethos of communal harmony.

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