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Sunsets and Dinks Host Emerald Coast Turf Wars: Sunday Showdown!

Sunsets and Dinks Host Emerald Coast Turf Wars: In Tapestry Park’s Brunswick Hall, part of the Tapestry Park community in Panama City,

Florida, the four co-founders of Sunsets and Dinks, Gavin Choosakul, Freddy Vaughn, Scotty Nelson, and John Minshew, diligently practice their pickleball skills.

These owners have immersed themselves in pickleball over the past few years, witnessing its exponential growth. Choosakul explains, “Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport, three years running. The best way to put it is, if tennis and table tennis had a baby, pickleball would be it.”

Choosakul’s enthusiasm for pickleball is rooted in fact; the sport’s growth has been remarkable. Participation in pickleball among Americans aged six and older has surged by 171.1% since 2018. Its appeal spans generations, making it accessible to anyone from age six to one hundred.

It caters to a plethora of individuals—athletic folks, all ages, all sizes. People who want a simple pickup game can do it. Those seeking a more strategic and complex game can find it,” Choosakul explains.

Minshew adds, “It’s all levels. From 2.5 all the way up to 4.5, 5.0 even. Anyone can do it. That’s literally what pickleball is all about right there.

Their passion for the sport led them to launch a pickleball apparel company. “We loved it so much, we actually started a pickleball apparel company,” Choosakul shares.

The levels Minshew refers to are on a scale from 1.0 to 6.5, showcasing the game’s inclusivity. For these founders, pickleball isn’t just a pastime; it’s a bond that brought them together, forged friendships, and built a brand.

We met on the pickleball courts at Lyndel, and a friendship grew out of it. We brought up starting a clothing line, apparel company. Gavin and I had the first initial conversation about it, and of course, all four of us are good friends, so we took it from there and ran,” Vaughn explains.

Sunsets and Dinks Host Emerald Coast Turf Wars (2)Their company, Sunsets and Dinks, serves two purposes: to create stylish apparel for players and to give back to the community. “One of the reasons we founded this company is because pickleball is kind of vanilla, and we’re all very outside the box. So, we wanted to bring our personality and flavors, not only to our apparel company but in hosting tournaments and giving back to the pickleball community,” Choosakul says.

They have teamed up with Beach Care Services for this tournament to donate a portion of the proceeds. Additionally, some of the proceeds will go to Parker Sports and Rec Complex for letting them use their courts.

To further promote the sport, the founders are organizing the Emerald Coast Turf Wars, an annual tournament starting this Sunday, June 2nd, at Parker Sports Complex. This event is part of a larger series to be held on the first Sunday of every month until the end of 2024. Participants can sign up for the tournament, and points will be tallied each month, with the highest-scoring team receiving a championship belt.

This weekend’s tournament will feature 48 players divided into six different teams, with games starting at 9 am.

News in Brief : Sunsets and Dinks Host Emerald Coast Turf Wars

The Emerald Coast Turf Wars, hosted by Sunsets and Dinks, marks a significant milestone in the journey of these pickleball enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs. With their passion for the sport driving them, they’ve not only created stylish apparel but also fostered a sense of community and inclusivity. Through partnerships with organizations like Beach Care Services and Parker Sports and Rec Complex, they’re giving back to the pickleball community and supporting local causes.

The launch of this tournament series reflects their commitment to promoting pickleball and providing opportunities for players of all levels to compete and connect. As the inaugural tournament kicks off this Sunday, excitement fills the air as 48 players gear up to showcase their skills and camaraderie. With monthly events planned until the end of 2024, the Emerald Coast Turf Wars promises to be a fixture in the pickleball calendar, fostering growth and enjoyment of the sport for years to come.

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