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George Killebrew Joins UPA as Chief Revenue Officer

George Killebrew Joins UPA: Former Dallas Mavericks EVP/CRO and Major League Rugby Commissioner George Killebrew has stepped into a new role as the chief revenue officer for the United Pickleball Association (UPA), adding another dimension to Dallas’s burgeoning pickleball scene. This move comes as Dallas solidifies its position as a prominent centre for both professional and amateur pickleball activities, boasting the headquarters of the PPA Tour, Major League Pickleball teams, and hosting major tournaments.

In his capacity as the chief revenue officer, Killebrew will take charge of various key aspects of the UPA’s operations, including overseeing the sponsorship sales team, managing on-site revenue endeavors such as ticket sales and amateur registrations, and leading the sponsorship activation team. While Killebrew has been providing consultancy services to the PPA Tour since October, his formal appointment to the UPA signifies a deeper commitment to the sport’s growth and development.

“[Killebrew] brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in spearheading business opportunities in both established and emerging sports, His work to this point has been instrumental in guiding a path forward, and his continued involvement in a permanent position will be exceedingly valuable in helping grow the UPA and pickleball as a whole.”- (pardoe)

Connor Pardoe, the CEO of the Dallas-based UPA and founder of the Carvana PPA Tour, expressed confidence in Killebrew’s appointment, highlighting his extensive experience and expertise in driving business opportunities within both established and emerging sports domains. Pardoe emphasized Killebrew’s instrumental role in shaping the UPA’s trajectory thus far and emphasized the value of his continued involvement in a permanent capacity.

“blown away by the potential in this fast-growing sport. double-digit growth in our revenue areas, already, we are experiencing double-digit growth in our revenue areas, and we are just at the very beginning.”-(killebrew)

For Killebrew, the allure of pickleball lies in its rapid growth and untapped potential. He pointed out the significant double-digit revenue growth already witnessed in various aspects of the sport, highlighting the growing popularity of pickleball, which now counts over 40 million enthusiasts worldwide.

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With a proven track record in sports revenue generation, Killebrew’s credentials speak volumes. During his tenure at the Dallas Mavericks, he played a crucial role in driving ticket sales and sponsorship initiatives, consistently propelling the team to the upper echelons of revenue generation within the NBA. Additionally, as the commissioner of Major League Rugby, Killebrew led significant expansions, secured attractive sponsorship deals, and clinched a comprehensive TV contract with Fox Sports, elevating the league’s profile on the national stage.

News in Brief : George Killebrew Joins UPA

The UPA, under Killebrew’s leadership, is set for further growth and innovation. Pardoe revealed plans for the State Championship Series leading up to the highly anticipated UPA Championships in November, marking another milestone in the sport’s journey towards global recognition and acclaim

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