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Norwalk’s 8 New Rowayton Pickleball Courts funded by ARPA

Norwalk’s 8 New Rowayton Pickleball Courts: In the midst of community concerns regarding new court reservation fees for Norwalk’s expanded pickleball scene, city officials have disclosed a solution: eight brand-new pickleball courts at Rowayton Elementary School. The upgraded facility now boasts four dedicated pickleball courts and two adapted tennis courts, thereby expanding the city’s recreational offerings.

The transformation from the previously “unusable” tennis courts, where grass sprouted through cracks, to these modernized courts marks a significant improvement, as highlighted by Recreation and Parks Director Robert Stowers during a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event. Stowers expressed delight at the remarkable change, likening it to magic and emphasizing the space’s newfound usability.

“They were really a place where the kids played and weren’t really used for tennis or anything else, You can see a remarkable change, it’s almost like magic.”-(stowers)

Construction of the Rowayton courts reached completion last week following an October groundbreaking ceremony, according to Vanessa Valadares, the public works and operations chief of the city’s Engineering and Construction Division. Soon, the city’s reservation system, which allows residents and nonresidents alike to book court time via the Active Net system for a fee, will be operational at the Rowayton courts, ensuring fair access for all players.

Mayor Harry Rilling acknowledged the need for a reservation system to manage the high demand for court time, recognizing the city’s vibrant pickleball community. He emphasized the importance of equitable access, enabling everyone to enjoy the sport.

The enthusiasm for pickleball was visible, as players wasted no time testing out the new courts. Common Council members Jim Frayer and Lisa Shanahan even engaged in a friendly game before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, underscoring the inclusive nature of the sport.

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I know that some people have gotten upset because we’re trying to have some sort of a reservation system, but we need that,” Mayor Harry Rilling said, noting that there are “so many” pickleball players in the city. “We need to have people rotate (on the courts) so everybody can have a chance-(harry)

Despite his personal limitations due to a past injury, Mayor Rilling commended Norwalk residents for their active engagement in pickleball, praising the sport’s accessibility and versatility. With over 20 courts across various locations in the city, including Mathews Park, Nathan Hale Middle School, and Woodward Park, pickleball continues to grow in popularity.

The American Rescue Plan Act funds, which totaled approximately $299,000, completely funded the eight Rowayton courts, relieving Norwalk residents of any financial strain. Looking ahead, plans to implement open play sessions and potentially add lighting to extend playing hours demonstrate the city’s commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities for its residents.

As the pickleball craze continues to sweep through Norwalk, fueled by community engagement and innovative initiatives, the newly unveiled courts at Rowayton Elementary School stand as a testament to the city’s dedication to fostering an active and inclusive environment for all.

News in Brief : Norwalk’s 8 New Rowayton Pickleball Courts

In response to community concerns over new court reservation fees, Norwalk officials have introduced eight new pickleball courts at Rowayton Elementary School, featuring four dedicated pickleball courts and two adapted tennis courts. This upgrade, celebrated during a ribbon-cutting event, transforms previously unusable courts into modern recreational spaces.

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