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MLP Shakes Up Beer City Open 2024 Pickleball Tournament

MLP Shakes Up Beer City Open 2024: In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the excitement is clear as the 2024 Beer City getting ready to welcome around 1,000 athletes, marking its seventh year at Belknap Park. This year, however, brings a fresh twist with the introduction of team events in respect of Major League Pickleball.

Tournament co-founder and director Paul Richards highlighted the significance of this year’s event, noting the presence of about 80 of the top 100 professional pickleball players globally. Among them are teams like “Hard Eights” from Southern California, featuring stars such as Irina Tereschenko, Yana Newell, Max Manitou, and Erik Lange. For Lange, the team dynamic intensifies their strengths, creating an engaging competitive edge against the field of 22 other teams. “Certain players on our team are stronger in certain aspects. That’s what makes it a great team event,” mentioned Lange. “You kind of use the strengths, your collective strengths, to figure out what works and compete against the other 22 teams here.”

“I would say 80 of the top 100 professional pickleball players in the world are here this weekend.”-(paul rachards)

Yana Newell said in on the vibrant atmosphere of team events, contrasting it with individual play, noting the electrifying energy and vocal support that characterize these matches.

“I would say the energy at the team events is very different,” People are very loud. When you play individually, we don’t express the emotions as much. Everyone goes crazy and it’s just very special.”- ( Yana Newell )

A standout moment came for Portage native Sydney Sonday, a standout from Calvin College and current amateur player, who sees events like the Beer City Open as crucial stepping stones toward professional aspirations. Sonday pointed out the opportunity to observe and learn from top-tier pros competing right in her backyard.

“This is a great stepping stone. Being able to compete at a high level for amateur, but also getting to watch the level at which the pros compete? I mean, it’s just so key to be able to watch how well they do and try to take key points from their game,” -( Sydney Sonday )

As the week unfolds, spectators are in for a treat with a lineup of premier matches from Major League Pickleball, spanning Thursday through Saturday. Richards anticipates an action-packed schedule, promising outstanding matches despite Tuesday’s rainy start.

Moreover, the event offers free admission throughout the week, underlining its accessibility and commitment to presenting world-class pickleball talent to fans of all ages and backgrounds.

MLP Shakes Up Beer City Open 2024 

News in Brief: MLP Shakes Up Beer City Open 2024

The 2024 Beer City Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is set to welcome 1,000 athletes for its seventh year at Belknap Park, now featuring exciting new team events by Major League Pickleball. Highlighting the presence of 80 top professional pickleball players globally, including stars like Irina Tereschenko and Erik Lange of the “Hard Eights” team, the tournament promises intense competition among 22 teams. Yana Newell described the vibrant atmosphere of team play, contrasting it with individual matches, noting the energetic fan support. For Sydney Sonday, a local amateur standout, the event represents a crucial opportunity to learn from pros and pursue her professional ambitions.



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