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Pickleball Kingdom Reaches North Carolina with 30 New Venues

Pickleball Kingdom Reaches North Carolina: Pickleball Kingdom stands as the premier global destination for indoor pickleball, renowned for its commitment to excellence and community engagement. As the largest entity of its kind worldwide, Pickleball Kingdom is dedicated to offering unparalleled facilities and cultivating vibrant pickleball communities.

Emphasizing an active lifestyle and fostering strong community bonds, Pickleball Kingdom ensures accessibility for players of every age and skill level. From state-of-the-art indoor courts to professional coaching and a rich calendar of events, Pickleball Kingdom is at the forefront of advancing the sport’s reach and enjoyment.

Rising Kingdom In North Carolina

In a bold move to dominate the indoor pickleball scene, Pickleball Kingdom has unveiled plans for a massive expansion across North Carolina. Spearheaded by franchisees Sanjay and Dhaval Patel of Pickleball X Equity, this initiative aims to launch thirty state-of-the-art indoor clubs throughout the Tar Heel State.

Ace Rodrigues, the visionary founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, expressed enthusiasm for the venture,  Ace Rodrigues, remarked that the expansion into North Carolina signifies a pivotal advancement for the Pickleball Kingdom brand. He praised Sanjay and Dhaval for their dedication and efforts in reshaping the landscape of pickleball in the Tar Heel State.

“This expansion into North Carolina marks another significant step forward for the Pickleball Kingdom brand. I couldn’t be more pleased by the effort and commitment of Sanjay and Dhaval as they redefine what pickleball looks like in the Tar Heel State.” -( Ace Rodrigues)

The new clubs will feature indoor courts with outdoor surfaces, offering year-round playability, alongside professional coaching, player clinics, youth programs, leagues, tournaments, and a robust calendar of community and corporate events.

Sanjay Patel, drawing from his extensive business acumen in New York City and Cincinnati, emphasized on the commitment to excellence, launching Pickleball Kingdom locations ensures premier playing environments and enhancing pickleball community in North Carolina.

“With my extensive experience in managing diverse businesses, I have always strived for excellence in every venture. Launching Pickleball Kingdom locations will enable us to offer top-tier playing environments throughout the year and nurture a vibrant pickleball community.” -( Sanjay Patel)

With over two decades of experience in diverse service businesses, Sanjay Patel’s leadership is complemented by Dhaval Patel’s expertise in managing enterprises ranging from hotels to construction projects. Together, they plan to extend Pickleball Kingdom’s footprint beyond North Carolina.

Pickleball Kingdom Reaches North Carolina 

News in Brief: Pickleball Kingdom Reaches North Carolina

Pickleball Kingdom is renowned globally for its premier indoor facilities and dedication to fostering vibrant pickleball communities. With plans to expand significantly across North Carolina, led by franchisees Sanjay and Dhaval Patel, Pickleball Kingdom aims to establish thirty state-of-the-art clubs. Founder Ace Rodrigues expressed excitement, highlighting this expansion as a pivotal moment for the brand’s growth. The new clubs will offer year-round playability, professional coaching, youth programs, leagues, tournaments, and community events.

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Ans: People love pickleball for its unique blend of accessibility, social interaction, and fast-paced action. It’s easy to learn, brings together players of all ages and skill levels, and offers a thrilling yet low-impact workout, making it a beloved pastime for many.

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