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Pickleball Courts in Elevate Church Expansion Plans in Millcreek

Pickleball Courts in Elevate Church Expansion Plans: An expansion project at  Millcreek church is ready to create new opportunities, potentially including dedicated areas for indoor pickleball and basketball. This development aims to develop the church’s facilities, offering sufficient space for community engagement and recreational activities. Located near the heart of Millcreek, the church’s plans for expansion underline its commitment to providing versatile spaces that serve to both spiritual and physical well-being. Pending final approvals, this initiative promises to transform the church into a hub for sports enthusiasts and community members alike, promoting a vibrant environment for all ages to gather and participate in various activities.


“That’s one of the things we’re looking at.”- (Pastor Law)

Currently, the church’s youth activities are spread throughout the existing building, prompting the need for a dedicated area specifically created to the ministry’s needs.

We need a dedicated spot for the student ministry of our church,” Law pointed out during the Millcreek Township Zoning Hearing Board session on June 26.

Approved By Town

The ongoing pickleball project could be a game-changer for the sport, setting a new standard for facilities and community engagement.

The Planning Board approved a variance permitting part of the expansion to be constructed within 50 feet of Walnut Creek’s bluff, with one corner situated at 45 feet from the bluff but safely outside the floodplain.

The Millcreek Township Planning Commission approved the land development proposal for the building for pickleball courts addition on July 2, and township supervisors approved the decision shortly afterward.

Regarding the construction timeline, Pastor Law indicated on Tuesday that the start date has yet to be finalized.

“It can’t be soon enough,” he remarked.

Noise Issue

Elevate Church’s expansion plans at Millcreek Mall have aroused concerns over noise levels among Zimmerly Road residents. During public hearings, Marti Sawyer pointed out that services and rehearsals, including Saturday and multiple Sunday sessions, echo audibly across Walnut Creek into nearby homes.

Despite efforts to address this issue with sound-reduction panels and monitoring technology, Gail Detar explained to the Zoning Hearing Board that worship activities remain notably loud.

“At one time I could hear them inside my house with doors and windows closed, It’s somewhat better, but I can still hear them.”-(sawyer) 

Gail Detar of Zimmerly Road explained to the Zoning Hearing Board that there continues to be “significant” noise issuing from the church.

“The worship service is loud. I hear it in my living room. I hear it anywhere in my house, Worship music is very loud. I have no objection to it except I don’t want to participate in it at my house.”-(detar)

Pastor Will Law reassured officials that relocating youth programs indoors as part of the expansion aims to reduce noise disturbances currently affecting the neighborhood.

Since 2015, Elevate Church has been situated in a 26,689-square-foot building originally housing the Millcreek Mall Cinema.

Pickleball Courts in Elevate Church Expansion Plans

News in Brief: Pickleball Courts in Elevate Church Expansion Plans

Elevate Church, located near Millcreek Mall, has secured approval for a significant 10,000-square-foot expansion aimed primarily at encouraging its youth programs and potentially incorporating indoor sports facilities.

The expansion plans at Elevate Church potentially include dedicated spaces for indoor pickleball and basketball. Pastor Will Law highlights the need for dedicated space during the township’s zoning hearings.

Efforts to reduce noise, including sound-reduction panels and scheduling adjustments, have been discussed. Since 2015, Elevate Church has occupied a 26,689-square-foot building originally housing the Millcreek Mall Cinema, marking its ongoing presence and growth in the community.

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