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Guilford High School Introduces Portable Pickleball Nets for Outdoor Recreation

Guilford High School Introduces Portable Pickleball Nets: Pickleball enthusiasts in Guilford have a new reason to celebrate with the addition of portable nets at Guilford High School’s lower tennis courts. These nets, recently installed, provide increased opportunities for outdoor pickleball matches.

The town administration highlighted the ease of use of these nets by simply rolling them out onto thfence e courts. They kindly requested that users return the nets after the play, as stated in a Facebook post.

Pickleball has gained significant popularity across the United States, emerging as one of the fastest-growing sports. According to the 2024 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Topline Participation Report, the sport has experienced remarkable growth, with 13.6 million players in the United States by 2023. This marks a 51.8 percent increase from 2022 and a staggering 223.5 percent increase since 2020.

Pickleball, a hybrid of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, takes place on a court similar to badminton, presenting a slightly altered tennis net. It provides both indoor and outdoor play, using paddles and a plastic ball with holes, suitable for doubles or singles matches.

The introduction of pickleball nets at Guilford High School underlines the community’s commitment to providing diverse recreational opportunities for its residents.

News in Brief: Guilford High School Introduces Portable Pickleball Nets

Guilford, CT residents at Guilford High School now enjoy new portable pickleball nets on the lower tennis courts, assisting outdoor matches. Town officials point out the nets’ convenience, easily rolled out, and returned against the fence post-play. Pickleball’s national popularity rises, with 13.6 million US players in 2023, a 51.8% increase since 2022 and 223.5% since 2020 (Sports & Fitness Industry Association).

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