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Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts Reopen, Better Than Ever

Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts: The Martinsville community now boasts a vibrant venue for outdoor recreation with the unveiling of the revitalised Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts. Local resident Michael Sanguedolce spearheaded this project at 1932 Spruce St., igniting his passion for pickleball during his time in California roughly four years ago. Upon returning to Martinsville, Sanguedolce envisioned introducing the game to his hometown. However, upon surveying the existing courts, he recognized the need for refurbishment, thus igniting the renovation project.

Initiating dialogue with the city’s parks and recreation department, Sanguedolce encountered initial challenges as the department was nonexistent, redirecting him to engage with the local YMCA. Collaborating with the YMCA, they successfully secured a grant from the Harvest Foundation to support the endeavour. “It’s been a process,” Sanguedolce reflected gratefully, acknowledging the collective effort of city officials, the Harvest Foundation, and devoted players who championed the cause of bringing pickleball to Martinsville.

Funding for the renovation totaled $25,000 from the Harvest Foundation, supplemented by $26,210 in matching funds allocated from Martinsville’s federal pandemic-relief resources designated for park improvements. Sanguedolce expressed gratitude towards city officials for their dedication to advancing the pickleball initiative, emphasising the hope for widespread community engagement and enjoyment of the newly refurbished courts.

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Combining resources from various funding streams, the ageing tennis courts underwent a remarkable transformation into freshly surfaced facilities catering to both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts. As of now, the court’s operational hours remain flexible, catering to players’ schedules. However, Martinsville city spokesman Kendall Davis indicated the possibility of posting hours in the future if deemed necessary.

Adhering to court regulations, players are required to wear non-marking athletic shoes, with prohibitions on skateboards, bicycles, skates, rollerblades, alcoholic beverages, and food within the court premises. Additionally, a one-hour time limit applies when others are waiting to use the courts. The City of Martinsville, VA, Facebook page provides information about league formations and prioritises court usage for city-sanctioned classes, events, and leagues.

Expressing delight at the courts’ inauguration, Martinsville Mayor LC Jones highlighted the community’s enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its pivotal role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Following the reopening ceremony, community members wasted no time in embracing the newly revamped courts and engaging in spirited games of pickleball under the sunlit skies.

Reflecting on the project’s significance, Harvest Foundation Health and Education Program Officer Sandy Strayer commended its alignment with the foundation’s mission of fostering community well-being. “The courts provide a place for our community members to gather, to connect, and to enjoy physical activity,” Strayer remarked, emphasising the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle in Martinsville.

The Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts stand as a testament to community collaboration and dedication towards promoting health, recreation, and camaraderie in Martinsville.

News in Brief : Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts

The revitalized Spruce Street Tennis and Pickleball Courts in Martinsville are a testament to community collaboration and dedication. Spearheaded by local resident Michael Sanguedolce, the project transformed aging courts into vibrant spaces for recreation. Securing funding from the Harvest Foundation and city resources, the initiative overcame challenges to bring pickleball to Martinsville. Mayor LC Jones and city officials have highlighted the project’s importance in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The new courts have quickly become a hub for community engagement, reflecting the shared efforts of residents and organizations.

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