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Discover the Best Pickleball Spots in Austin

Best Pickleball Spots in Austin: The rise in pickleball’s popularity continues unabated, with local businesses catering to the sport’s enthusiasts by offering trendy gear, while eateries and watering holes incorporate pickleball courts into their establishments. Moreover, the Austin area has witnessed a growth of private pickleball clubs, highlighting the passion surrounding the game.

Adding to the buzz, Major League Pickleball’s Texas Ranchers proudly call Austin home, further solidifying the city’s status as a pickleball hub. According to a 2023 analysis, Austin boasted 4.7 pickleball courts per 100,000 residents, reflecting the city’s commitment to recreational opportunities.

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For those eager to join in the pickleball craze, Austin offers a plethora of options to pick up a paddle and hit the courts:

  1. City courts: Austin’s public parks feature numerous multi-use courts, albeit shared with tennis players. These versatile facilities are available for free at Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park, Dick Nichols District Park, Little Zilker Neighborhood Park, and Rosewood Neighborhood Park.
  2. Austin High Tennis Center: These high school courts are available for public use when not reserved for school activities, are accessible thanks to an agreement between the city and Austin ISD.
  3. Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center: Players can secure their playing time in advance by making court reservations online or by phone up to two days in advance.
  4. Dreamland: Located in Dripping Springs, this venue boasts 16 dedicated pickleball courts, available for reservation online, offering players a premium pickleball experience.

As pickleball’s popularity continues to soar, Austin remains at the forefront of the movement, providing ample opportunities for both seasoned players and newcomers alike to partake in this dynamic and thrilling sport.

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