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Pickleball Noise Solution Fails in Braintree – Residents Outraged

Pickleball Noise Solution Fails in Braintree: Pickleball has gained popularity in Braintree, Massachusetts, but alongside its rise, tensions have brewed among neighbors living near the new courts. In collaboration with local pickleball enthusiasts, the town recently installed sound barriers aimed at mitigating the distinct noise. However, the efforts have not entirely alleviated the ongoing discord.

Jeffrey Keyes, a member of the Braintree Pickleball Club, defends the sport, highlighting its ability to build community and inclusivity. Conversely, neighbor Tu Le expresses frustration, labeling the noise as disruptive.

It’s very annoying. There’s nothing we can do,” said neighbor Tu Le.

Despite the town’s investment in a $20,000 sound proofing, which promises a significant reduction in noise levels, concerns persist among residents like Michael Megley. Megley and his neighbors, who live adjacent to the courts on Wynot Road, argue that the current barriers, which cover only one end of the courts, fail to adequately address the noise issue.

There is a slight difference in change, but it’s still not enough,” said Megley

Megley emphasizes that while the barriers have brought some relief, the noise remains a persistent disturbance for residents, impacting their daily lives. Other neighbors echo his concerns about the disruptive effects of early morning play.

The ongoing debate illustrates the challenges of balancing recreational amenities with residential quality of life in Braintree. As the town continues to navigate these issues, finding a resolution that satisfies all parties involved remains elusive.

News in Brief: Pickleball Noise Solution Fails in Braintree

In Braintree, Massachusetts, pickleball’s popularity has sparked tensions among residents near new courts. Despite a $20,000 sound barrier installation aimed at reducing noise, neighbors like Michael Megley on Wynot Road argue it’s insufficient, impacting daily life. Jeffrey Keyes of the Pickleball Club defends the sport for fostering community, while neighbor Tu Le finds the noise disruptive. The ongoing debate shows challenges in balancing recreational amenities with residential quality of life. Braintree faces the task of finding a solution that appeases both pickleball enthusiasts and affected residents amidst the ongoing discord.

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