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Braintree Residents Frustrated by Pickleball Noise Concerns

Braintree Residents Frustrated by Pickleball Noise: A growing discord over the noise generated by pickleball games in a Braintree neighborhood has left residents grappling with frustration and quality-of-life concerns.

Residents like Michael Megley express profound discontent with the incessant clamor disrupting their homes. “I can’t enjoy my house. It’s an unbelievable amount of noise I have to put up with,” Megley lamented, highlighting the pervasive impact of the sport’s popularity.

Originally hosting a modest 12 players a decade ago, Braintree’s pickleball scene has risen, now boasting nearly 600 enthusiasts in 2024. The city’s eight courts adjacent to Hollis Field can simultaneously host 32 players, with additional players often queuing for their turn.

The installation of sound acoustic panels earlier this spring aimed to mitigate the issue, encircling half of the courts. However, neighbors argue that the noise persists unabated. “The sound still travels over it. As you can see, it’s a line-of-sight issue. My second floor gets bombarded. It’s 13 hours a day and seven days a week,” Megley emphasized, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by residents.

Mayor Erin Joyce, who resides in proximity to the courts, acknowledges the community’s concerns firsthand. “It’s very popular, and people enjoy the sport for sure. We are definitely considering limiting hours,” Mayor Joyce affirmed. The pickleball club’s usage hours are currently restricted, with open access outside these designated times. “What we are not trying to do is be in a position to close a public park,” Mayor Joyce clarified, highlighting the delicate balance between community enjoyment and residential tranquility.

Megley believes that reducing playing hours could alleviate the situation, citing its current impact on his daily life. “It doesn’t let me enjoy going out in my yard. It’s just stressful. It causes constant stress. Whenever you hear that noise it just gets on your nerves. Just non-stop,” he said, expressing the significant emotional strain.

Mayor Joyce affirmed the city’s proactive stance in addressing the issue, mindful of resident feedback. “We are really trying to evaluate it, and, short of locking the courts up, we are trying to see what we can do to limit people playing it outside normal hours,” Mayor Joyce concluded, highlighting ongoing efforts to find a balanced solution.

News in Brief: Braintree Residents Frustrated by Pickleball Noise

Residents in Braintree, Massachusetts, are struglling with noise concerns stemming from the popularity of pickleball. Despite efforts like installing sound panels, complaints persist over the disruptive impact on daily life. Mayor Erin Joyce acknowledges these issues and proposes potentially limiting playing hours to find a balance between community enjoyment and residential tranquility. The ongoing debate highlights challenges in managing recreational activities in urban neighborhoods.



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