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Salmon Arm Council Reviews Pickleball Court Adjustments at Klahani Park

Salmon Arm Council Reviews Pickleball Court: The recent decision to alter the orientation of pickleball court lines at Klahani Park in Salmon Arm marks a strategic shift aimed at enhancing player experience and preserving the surface’s versatility.

The contractor responsible for the project briefed officials on the revised plans during a Salmon Arm council meeting on May 27. Contrary to the initially proposed east-west layout, the updated design proposes installing pickleball lines running north to south.

Darin Gerow, the manager of roads and parks, elaborated on the rationale behind this adjustment, highlighting insights gained during discussions with the contractor.

During planning stages with the successful contractor, they are strongly recommending that we change the orientation to north and south,” he said.

Mayor Alan Harrison echoed support for the change, emphasizing the practical benefits of aligning all court lines in the same direction.

On shared multi-use courts — I play on lots of them — it’s much easier if all of the lines go north south rather than tennis lines north south and pickleball lines east west,” Harrison said.

“So this is a big win, and the tennis nets will serve as a barrier now between the courts on the north side and the courts on the south side.”- Harrison said.

Salmon Arm Council Reviews Pickleball Court

Acknowledging the contractor’s proactive input, Mayor Harrison commended their commitment to delivering top-notch multi-use facilities for the community.

The introduction of pickleball lines on the existing tennis courts at Klahani Park underscores efforts to accommodate diverse sporting interests. We anticipate the addition of these courts to meet the demand for pickleball facilities during the upcoming 55+ Games in September.

As registration for the pickleball segment of the games has reached full capacity, the implementation of the new court layout reflects Salmon Arm’s commitment to fostering inclusive recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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