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Nanaimo Relocates Pickleball to Beban Park Amid Noise Concerns

Nanaimo Relocates Pickleball to Beban Park: In response to ongoing noise complaints from residents near Beaufort Park, Nanaimo authorities are taking action. The city plans to construct eight additional pickleball courts within the expansive 130-acre Beban Park. This strategic move aims to relocate the highly utilized courts from Beaufort Park to a more suitable location, alleviating concerns regarding noise disturbances for nearby residents.

The decision comes after David Maloney and other residents voiced their frustrations regarding the incessant noise generated by pickleball activities at Beaufort Park. Maloney, whose residence stands a mere 10 meters from the courts, described the situation as a “colossal nightmare.” The sounds of plastic paddles striking blunt plastic balls, coupled with players’ vocalizations and increased park traffic, have severely disrupted the tranquility of the neighborhood.

The proposed relocation to Beban Park offers a promising solution to the ongoing conflict. The new courts aim to provide pickleball enthusiasts with a dedicated space, while also mitigating the noise’s impact on nearby residents.

The city of Nanaimo has allocated $518,000 for the construction of the new courts at Beban Park, with completion anticipated by the end of September. Coun. Ben Geselbracht views this initiative as a fair compromise between accommodating pickleball enthusiasts and addressing the concerns of affected residents. We have implemented previous measures, like brief closures during holidays, to provide temporary relief to residents.

Pickleball, a popular sport promoting physical activity and social engagement, has garnered widespread interest. However, finding suitable locations that balance the needs of players and residents remains a challenge. While the Nanaimo Pickleball Club was unavailable for comment, city officials emphasized the importance of accommodating the sport in appropriate locations.

Similar noise-related disputes have emerged in other municipalities, underscoring the need for thoughtful planning and community engagement. From Chilliwack to Oak Bay, concerns over noise from pickleball courts have prompted various responses, including relocation and sound mitigation measures.

Nanaimo Relocates Pickleball to Beban Park

As Nanaimo progresses with its plan to create new pickleball courts, the city aims to strike a harmonious balance between recreational opportunities and quality of life for all residents. By carefully considering the concerns of affected neighbors and the needs of pickleball enthusiasts, Nanaimo seeks to build a community where both can thrive.

News In Brief: Nanaimo Relocates Pickleball to Beban Park

To address ongoing noise complaints from residents near Beaufort Park in Nanaimo, authorities are planning to relocate the highly utilized pickleball courts to a more suitable location within the expansive Beban Park. The decision follows concerns voiced by residents like David Maloney, who described the noise as a “colossal nightmare.” The proposed relocation aims to mitigate noise disturbances while providing pickleball enthusiasts with dedicated facilities. Nanaimo has allocated $518,000 for constructing eight new courts at Beban Park, with completion expected by September.

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