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Pickleball Craze Inspires Post Pickle Bath Salt Creation

Pickleball Craze Inspires Post Pickle Bath Salt: Shannon Vaughn may not be a pickleball fanatic, but she’s certainly attuned to the sport’s rise, particularly on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. As the founder and CEO of Pursoma, a beauty and wellness brand, Vaughn has introduced a unique product catering to the growing pickleball community: “Post Pickle” bath salts.

When you are over the age of 40, your body does not respond to exercise in the same way,” Vaughn explains. “You don’t bounce back the same way you used to. Stretching out the body, taking a salt bath, lots of magnesium, and good essential oils (are) a sure way to ensure that you can continue to play that sport.

With her offices located in Royal Oak, Vaughn has had a front-row seat to the sport’s local boom. Her colleague, Fran Clinton, was the driving force behind the product. Clinton “lives for pickle,” a sentiment echoed by many on the Eastern Shore.

The sport’s popularity is visible in Talbot County, where Parks & Recreation held its inaugural pickleball tournament this April. Maura Majeski, a pickleball instructor from St. Michaels, has observed new courts sprouting up everywhere, from local recreation centers to private homes.

I’ve seen it grow exponentially,” Majeski notes. “From a court perspective, a lot of local communities like Easton Village and Cooke’s Hope… they’ve got courts now.

Majeski’s journey with pickleball began in 2020, alongside her partner, after noticing others playing. Transitioning from her corporate job, she immersed herself in the sport, eventually becoming a certified instructor. She now teaches players of all ages and skill levels, from seasoned tennis players to absolute beginners. The sport’s appeal lies in its accessibility and the ability of tennis and badminton players to transition easily to the smaller court.

According to Majeski, pickleball has helped people forge a “whole new community for themselves.”

Vaughn sees the sport as a vibrant social activity. “It’s a social alternative to going to a bar,” she says. “They’re having social hour by moving around.

The “Post Pickle” bath salt, while currently unavailable on Pursoma’s website due to high demand, can be found in retail locations nationwide, including Coastal Run in Easton. Pursoma also offers a variety of other bath salts, like the “Sweat + Rest” salt for post-workout recovery, and popular products such as the “Self-Care Sunday” bundle.

Vaughn’s journey with Pursoma began in 2014 after living abroad for 15 years. Battling stress and anxiety, she discovered the therapeutic benefits of detox baths. “One of the side effects of the bathing was the calming effect that it has after it increases your heart rate and then your heart rate cools down just like after exercise,” Vaughn recalls. “… That’s really the ethos around the brand. We use bathing and the bathtub as a vessel to reduce stress.

Promoting a digital detox, Pursoma encourages customers to unplug before using their products. Vaughn champions the benefits of baths over showers, highlighting their accessibility.

Pickleball Craze Inspires Post Pickle Bath Salt

Launching the business in New York City, Vaughn even collaborated with Goop, the wellness brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow. However, the pandemic prompted her to return to Maryland with her daughter, where she found her business goals aligning with her personal life on the Eastern Shore.

Living on the Eastern Shore provides a major life balance in that you can be very productive and successful, and thrive in a professional way here,” Vaughn asserts. “But you can also thrive in a balanced-living approach. I can’t say enough good things about being a local and loving the place that I grew up in.

News In Brief: Pickleball Craze Inspires Post Pickle Bath Salt Creation

Shannon Vaughn, CEO of Pursoma, introduces “Post Pickle” bath salts tailored for the pickleball community’s post-game recovery needs. Amidst the sport’s surge in popularity on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Pursoma’s product caters to players’ bodies aged 40 and above, aiding in relaxation and muscle recovery. The rise of pickleball is evident in Talbot County, with new courts proliferating and a vibrant community forming around the sport. Pursoma, known for wellness products, promotes a digital detox and the therapeutic benefits of baths, aligning with Vaughn’s personal and professional journey back to the Eastern Shore.


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