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Dinkers Pickleball Club Debuts in Denton, Draws Enthusiastic Crowd

Dinkers Pickleball Club Debuts in Denton: Beginners and veterans alike flocked to the opening event of Dinkers Pickleball Club Saturday afternoon. The free open play and instructor-led classes attracted locals eager to practice and play.

The 45,000-square-foot facility at 719 S. Interstate 35E once held the title of the largest indoor pickleball facility in Texas. It has 15 indoor “outdoor surface” courts and two practice courts.

Owners Doug Rogers and Blake Bearden, who both fell in love with pickleball, built the facility after struggling to find courts for pickup games. They scouted different cities for a location, but Denton’s unique vibe and strong sense of community sealed the deal for Bearden.

“Here we can actually kind of intertwine Dinkers Pickleball with the community and kind of give it its own personality, and that’s why we picked Denton,” Bearden shared during the grand opening event.

Austin Pickle Ranch dethroned Dinkers Pickleball Club as the largest indoor pickleball facility in Texas before its grand opening, but it still makes a significant contribution to the community.

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S., according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. Bearden emphasized the social aspect of the sport, noting how it helps players form friendships and a sense of community.

“If you’ve never picked up a paddle before, in about 10 minutes, you can hit the ball back and forth and learn to play,” Bearden said.

Among the attendees were Sandra and Kirk Guthrie, who reside in Corinth. Sandra, who grew up in the Denton area, and Kirk, who took up the game after retiring, were excited about the new facility.

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Sandra Guthrie praised the game for being simple to learn and a wonderful way to meet people. “It’s a beneficial couples thing,” she said. “It’s a good place to meet people, as well as a good way to interact and get out.”

Bearden anticipated a small local turnout, so the large crowd at the grand opening caught him off guard. “Absolutely amazing,” he said. “I really kind of thought we would open it up, and there would be a few people here with some courts full,” he said. “And opening the door and seeing a line on the corner was exhilarating. It’s fantastic—more than I could have ever hoped for.

Dinkers Pickleball Club, with its welcoming environment and state-of-the-art facilities, is poised to become a cornerstone of the Denton community, fostering connections both on and off the court.

News in Brief : Dinkers Pickleball Club Debuts in Denton

Dinkers Pickleball Club’s grand opening in Denton attracted a large crowd for free play and classes. Owners Doug Rogers and Blake Bearden constructed the 45,000-square-foot facility, which has 15 indoor courts, to meet local demand. Despite losing its title as Texas’ largest indoor pickleball facility to Austin Pickle Ranch, it remains a community hub. Pickleball’s rapid growth and social benefits were highlighted, with attendees like Sandra and Kirk Guthrie praising its accessibility and community-building aspects. Bearden expressed delight at the unexpectedly large turnout, envisioning Dinkers as a key part of Denton’s community.

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