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Rosenfeld Park Pickleball Courts at Risk after Budget Approval

Rosenfeld Park Pickleball Courts at Risk: Tucker, GA – On June 9, Tucker finalized its $56 million Fiscal Year 2025 budget, marking a significant step forward for the city’s financial planning. The budget, largely unchanged from its initial draft presented at the city council’s May 28 meeting, garnered unanimous approval.

A notable inclusion in the budget is a 3.5% across-the-board raise for city employees, aimed at keeping pace with inflation, along with an additional 3% potential merit raise. However, it was the fate of the existing pickleball courts at Rosenfeld Park that stirred the most public concern. A stormwater issue is forcing the replacement of the courts, reserving the new courts at the Tucker Recreation Center exclusively for tennis. This decision sparked vocal support from residents, particularly those who frequent Rosenfeld Park for pickleball. Others like Mindy Evans, who emphasized the park’s draw for players from neighboring towns, echoed Kathy Ferrell’s emphasis on the park’s inclusive atmosphere, catering to players of all skill levels.

We actually have people coming from not just the area but neighboring towns as well, because of the wonderful group that we have,” Evans said.

In addition to budget discussions, the city council addressed various other matters of community interest. The council granted approval for a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) for a barbecue restaurant featuring a double drive-through, although residents and council members expressed some reservations about its compliance with zoning regulations. Similarly, the council held a first reading and public hearing for an extension on a SLUP for a multi-family development, reflecting ongoing deliberations on development plans amidst changing market conditions.

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Outside of municipal affairs, Dr. Melody Kelley of the Sandy Springs city council extended an invitation to Tucker residents for Sandy Springs’ inaugural Juneteenth event, recognizing Tucker’s own observance of the holiday. Mayor Frank Auman humorously attributed Tucker’s high meeting attendance to the allure of pickleball, a sport that has garnered significant local interest.

It has prompted some fairly serious discussions with the landowner at the mall about how this has been presented,” Auman said.

The council also addressed fiscal matters, including a rollback millage rate for 2024 property taxes and various contracts for infrastructure maintenance and economic development initiatives. Notably, the council awarded a contract to Incisive LLC for an “Economic Development Pitch Deck,” emphasizing efforts to enhance Tucker’s appeal to potential employers.

With the budget approved and community engagement ongoing, Tucker continues to navigate the complexities of governance and development, striving to balance fiscal responsibility with community needs and aspirations.

News in Brief : Rosenfeld Park Pickleball Courts at Risk

Tucker, GA, finalizes a $56 million budget for FY 2025, with 3.5% raises for employees. Stormwater issues redirect pickleball courts, sparking public concern. City council addresses zoning for a barbecue restaurant and multi-family development. Dr. Melody Kelley invites Tucker residents to Sandy Springs’ Juneteenth event. Mayor Frank Auman humorously attributes high meeting attendance to pickleball interest. Fiscal matters include a rollback millage rate and contracts for infrastructure and economic development initiatives. Incisive LLC secures a contract for an “Economic Development Pitch Deck” to enhance Tucker’s appeal to potential employers.

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