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Anchorage Welcomes First Dedicated Pickleball Court at Scenic Park

Anchorage Welcomes First Dedicated Pickleball Court: Anchorage, AK The pickleball phenomenon has arrived in Alaska, as evidenced by the start of construction on a new court at Scenic Park in east Anchorage. Organized by volunteers in collaboration with the Parks and Recreation department, initial efforts have focused on mapping out the court’s layout, with plans to proceed to the painting phase.

This initiative marks a significant milestone for Anchorage, as it introduces the city’s first dedicated court assisting exclusively to tennis and pickleball enthusiasts. According to Parks and Recreation officials, this facility addresses a longstanding need within the local pickleball community.

Laurie Ford, a dedicated volunteer, emphasized the necessity of such a facility, stating, “If you look at how large Anchorage is, we don’t have a dedicated pickleball court that actually has a surface that is proper for pickleball.

The project, a joint effort between Parks and Rec staff and enthusiastic volunteers, aims for completion by the upcoming weekend. This development promises to enhance recreational opportunities for Anchorage residents, reflecting growing interest in pickleball across the region.

News in Brief :Anchorage Welcomes First Dedicated Pickleball Court

Construction of Anchorage’s first dedicated pickleball court at Scenic Park is underway, led by volunteers and the Parks and Recreation department. Initial work involves layout mapping, with painting set to follow soon. This initiative addresses a longstanding need in the community, providing a proper surface for pickleball enthusiasts alongside tennis facilities. Scheduled for completion by the weekend, the project aims to enhance recreational opportunities and reflects increasing local interest in pickleball.

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