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Pickleball Growth in Recent Years: Stats and more

Pickleball Growth in Recent Years: The Fastest growing sports in world, it’s rising  popularity can be added to its accessibility and inclusive nature, appealing to a diverse demographic of players. Unlike traditional racket sports, its simpler rules lower the barrier to entry, making it approachable for people of all ages and skill levels. The blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis is gaining popularity. Pickleball stands out from other sports that typically require a steep learning curve, as it is remarkably easy to pick up, sparking enthusiasm among newcomers rapidly.

Participation and Growth

The sport has gained serious traction with media coverage and professional tournaments, elevating its profile and attracting top talent. From community parks to global courts, pickleball’s growth is unstoppable, turning it into one of the fastest growing sports in  world. Approximately 3.04 million Americans engage in pickleball monthly, contributing to an estimated 36.5 million players nationwide in 2022. Over the past three years, the sport has seen an average monthly growth of about 13.22%. The largest age group of players, aged 18-34, comprises around 2.4% of participants across the country. Each month, an average of 860 new pickleball courts are constructed in the United States. The pickleball paddle market experiences a monthly growth rate of about 0.64%, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 7.7%

Regional Insights

While the South Atlantic region boasts the highest number of participants, the West North Central region has shown the fastest growth rate. Surprisingly, despite its high participation numbers, the South Atlantic region has also displayed rapid growth. Conversely, the West North Central region, despite having fewer participants initially, has experienced significant growth. In Texas, which ranks third in the number of pickleball courts, the sport has shown faster growth compared to New Jersey, which has a higher population but fewer pickleball courts.

Unique Player Demographics

Among pickleball players, there are more men (60.5%) than women (39.5%). However, the number of female players grew faster than male players in 2021, with a growth rate of 17.6% compared to 13.0% for men. Despite a significant proportion of senior players aged 55 and older, the fastest growth in 2021 was observed among players under 24, indicating the sport’s increasing popularity among younger audiences.

The average age of pickleball players is declining, with a decrease of approximately 2.9 years from 2020 to 2021, highlighting the sport’s appeal to younger demographics. The total prize money available for pickleball tournaments in 2023 is expected to be between $9.0 and $11.0 million, indicating significant investment in the sport.

According to Google Trends, the state with the highest interest in pickleball is Utah, followed by Arizona and Minnesota. Pickleball courts are smaller than standard tennis courts, making the sport more accessible for many venues.

Although pickleball was invented in the United States, its fastest growth rate is currently in Middle America, demonstrating its spreading popularity. Over the past five years, pickleball’s popularity has surged, with a 467% increase in interest as measured by Google Trends.

Economic and Interest Metrics:

In the United States, pickleball has experienced significant growth in recent years, becoming the nation’s fastest-growing sport for the third consecutive year. Originating from Bainbridge Island near Seattle in 1965, this combination of ping pong, badminton, and tennis has attracted an estimated 36.5 million enthusiasts by 2023, a notable increase from 8.9 million in 2022.

Pickleball is particularly popular among younger adults (18-34 years), who make up 28.8% of the nationwide player base. The sport has seen an average participation growth rate of 158.6% over the past three years.

While pickleball is most popular in the South Atlantic Region, the West North Central Region has experienced the most rapid growth, with a 29.8% increase in 2022. Demographic data shows a gender split of 60.5% male to 39.5% female players, with a faster growth rate among women.

There are currently 10,320 pickleball courts in the U.S., with California, Florida, and Texas having the most locations. Surprisingly, New Jersey, despite being the 11th most populous state, ranks 22nd in pickleball court availability. Among cities, Seattle, Denver, and Portland have the highest number of courts.

The pickleball industry is thriving, with the paddle market valued at $152.8 million in 2023 and projected to grow at 7.7% annually until 2028. In the coming year, 47 major pickleball tournaments are scheduled, with a total prize pool between $9.0 and $11.0 million.

Online interest in pickleball has surged by 467% over the past five years, with Utah, Arizona, and Minnesota showing the highest levels of interest. As pickleball continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether it will maintain its status as the fastest-growing sport in America and continue to expand globally.

Monthly Participation in the US Approximately 3.04 million players
Total Estimated Players in 2022 Approximately 36.5 million
Average Monthly Growth of Players (Past 3 Years) Approximately 13.22%
Monthly Participation of 18-34-year-olds About 2.4% nationwide
Average Monthly New Pickleball Courts Built in the US About 860
Monthly Growth Rate of Pickleball Paddle Market About 0.64%
Annual Growth Rate of Pickleball Paddle Market 7.70%
Google Trends Growth in Popularity (Past 5 Years) 467% increase
Total Prize Money for Pickleball Tournaments (2023) $9.0 – $11.0 million


News in Brief: Pickleball Growth in Recent Years

Pickleball has surged in popularity due to its accessible, inclusive nature and simple rules appealing to all ages and skill levels. The sport blends tennis, badminton, and table tennis, attracting a diverse demographic and experiencing rapid growth globally. In the United States, approximately 3 million monthly players contribute to an estimated 36 million nationwide. The sport’s expansion includes significant court construction and market growth, particularly among younger demographics. Female participation is on the rise, and economic indicators, such as tournament prize money and Google Trends interest, underscore pickleball’s increasing prominence and economic impact in sports.

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