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Participation Soars at Sixth Annual Father’s Day Pickleball Tournament

Annual Father’s Day Pickleball Tournament: The Sixth Annual Twin Falls Father’s Day Bash pickleball tournament is underway at Frontier Park. The Pickleball Association of Twin Falls is the sponsor, ensuring everything runs smoothly. From Thursday, June 13th to Saturday, June 15th, players of all levels are competing in this growing sport.

The atmosphere is electric. Families, friends, and fans fill the park, cheering on their favorite players. The event isn’t just about the competition; it’s about community. There’s a sense of camaraderie among participants and spectators alike.

Pickleball, is a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It’s easy to pick up but hard to master, making it appealing to a wide range of ages and skill levels. At the Twin Falls tournament, you can see that in full effect. Young kids are learning the ropes, while seasoned veterans show off their polished skills.

The Twin Falls Father’s Day Bash pickleball tournament has stepped up its game this year. A total of 173 competitors are set to compete, surpassing last year’s count of 148. The players hail from six states: California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho. This diverse mix highlights the growing popularity of the sport.

Frontier Park has seen some upgrades, with six new courts added last summer. This expansion is a statement to the event’s rising prominence. The action kicked off Thursday morning with women’s doubles. On Friday, the spotlight shifted to men’s doubles, and the tournament will wrap up on Saturday with mixed doubles. Each day, matches start bright and early at 8 a.m.

This year’s turnout and the improved facilities show the community’s commitment to the sport. The Twin Falls Father’s Day Bash isn’t just maintaining its tradition; it’s building on it, setting new benchmarks for participation and excitement in the pickleball world.

“They do love their pickleball. Every night these courts are filled morning to night. We have 12 thank goodness and now people are saying when we can get more.” – (Tournament Director Jill Skeem)

Annual Father’s Day Pickleball Tournament

News in Brief: Annual Father’s Day Pickleball Tournament

The Sixth Annual Twin Falls Father’s Day Bash pickleball tournament, sponsored by the Pickleball Association of Twin Falls, is currently underway at Frontier Park. Running from June 13th to 15th, the event features 173 competitors from six states, highlighting the sport’s growing popularity. With upgraded facilities and enthusiastic participation across all skill levels and ages, the tournament embodies community spirit and competitive fervor. Matches include women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles, starting daily at 8 a.m. This year’s event not only upholds tradition but also sets new standards in pickleball excitement and community engagement.

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