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Pickleball Dads Celebrating Father’s Day with Love and Smashes

Pickleball Dads Celebrating Father’s Day: As Father’s Day arrives, it’s time to celebrate the pickleball dads who excel on the court and enrich our lives with their dedication to family. Here’s a heartfelt salute to some of the pro pickleball players who are marking this special day in their own unique ways.

DJ Young


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Young, a new addition to the ranks of pickleball dads, celebrates his first Father’s Day with his fiancée, Courtney Horvath, and their newborn daughter, Leighton. Born on March 23, Leighton has undoubtedly brought joy and new perspectives to DJ’s life, making this Father’s Day a memorable occasion.

Thomas Wilson


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For Thomas Wilson and his wife Brittany, Father’s Day holds special significance with the recent adoption of their daughter, Holyn. From tournament to tournament, Holyn accompanies her parents, soaking in the excitement and warmth of the pickleball community. Their journey as a family on the road reflects love, strength, and shared adventures.

Tyson McGuffin


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McGuffin, a respected figure in the pickleball world, enjoys Father’s Day with his wife, Megan, and their four children. A heartwarming moment captured at the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup shows youngest daughter Banks cheering on her dad from the sidelines. The McGuffin family’s bond is appreciable both on and off the court, shared generously with their fans through social media snapshots.

Jay Devilliers

Devilliers, known for his skill on the court and his role as a father to three sons with his wife Aleksandra, cherishes the joy of family life. Whether celebrating birthdays or enjoying family ski trips, the Devilliers family finds happiness in each other’s company, enriching Jay’s Father’s Day with cherished moments of togetherness.

Jack Sock


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Jack Sock, another newcomer to fatherhood, celebrates his first Father’s Day with his wife Laura and their son, Brody. Laura’s thoughtful setups at pickleball events—like creating a play area for Brody courtside—illustrate the seamless blend of family and professional life. Brody’s early introduction to the world of pickleball promises many more heartwarming memories for the Sock family.

Fatherhood and Pickleball

From coaching their children to supporting them from the sidelines, these pickleball dads embody the joys and challenges of fatherhood alongside their athletic careers. Their commitment, both on and off the court, captures the spirit of perseverance and love that defines this special day.

As we celebrate Father’s Day with these remarkable individuals, let’s honor all pickleball dads who inspire us with their passion for sport and dedication to family. Here’s to a day filled with warmth, appreciation, and the shared joy of fatherhood in the vibrant world of pickleball.

News in Brief: Pickleball Dads Celebrating Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, the pickleball community celebrates dads who excel both on and off the court. DJ Young marks his first Father’s Day with fiancée Courtney and newborn Leighton, bringing new joy to his life. Thomas Wilson and wife Brittany cherish Father’s Day with their recently adopted daughter Holyn, their shared adventures reflecting love and strength.

Tyson McGuffin enjoys the day with wife Megan and their four children, showcasing a heartwarming family bond at pickleball events. Jay Devilliers, father to three sons with Aleksandra, finds joy in family moments like ski trips. Jack Sock celebrates his first Father’s Day with wife Laura and son Brody, blending family life seamlessly with pickleball.


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