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62 year old Linda Thompson’s Pickleball Journey

62 year old Linda Thompson’s Pickleball Journey: In 2016, Linda Thompson of Estero, Florida, found herself at a crossroads after stepping away from competitive tennis due to injuries. Introduced to pickleball by a friend, she was initially doubtful but quickly captivated by the sport’s accessible yet strategic nature. The transition reignited her love for the game and provided a new avenue for athletic fulfillment.

From Tennis to Pickleball

Having excelled in collegiate tennis at Ohio State and later in national-level team and platform tennis, Thompson’s transition to pickleball showcased her adaptability and skill. Her background as a doubles specialist in tennis seamlessly transferred to pickleball, where she mastered the art of finesse and strategy.

“If you had told me 10 years ago I’d be competing as a professional with a sponsor, getting paid to play, winning prize money, I would have thought there’s no way,It’s been great”.- Linda Thompson

62 year old Linda Thompson's Pickleball Journey
Linda Thompson on the left

Professional Aspirations

Thompson’s journey to the National Pickleball League (NPL) marked a milestone in her athletic career. Competing for the Indy Drivers, she embodies the spirit of determination and excellence, aiming to defend their NPL championship title with every match. Her commitment extends beyond personal achievement to encouraging pickleball community.

A dedicated instructor and advocate for pickleball, Thompson sees the sport’s potential to overcome age and background, uniting players in a shared passion. She actively promotes acceptance and growth, visualizing pickleball as a catalyst for lifelong fitness.

Looking Ahead

With upcoming NPL events in Ohio and beyond, Thompson continues to push the boundaries of her sport while inspiring others along the way. Her journey reflects strength, determination, and a deep-seated belief in pickleball’s ability to enrich lives and build lasting connections.

This complete narrative captures Linda Thompson’s incredible journey into pickleball, highlighting her athletic prowess, competitive spirit, community leadership, and vision for the sport’s future.

About The National Pickleball League (NPL)

The National Pickleball League (NPL), established in 2022, stands as the first professional pickleball league for the 50+ age group. Dedicated to encouraging athletes over 50 to maintain their professional player status within the sport, NPL offers a vibrant community for fans to connect, and provides players with the opportunity to pursue their passion. Emphasizing that age should never be a barrier, the league was created by champion pros for champion pros. The four co-founders, drawing from their own experiences, aimed to elevate the sport.

News in Brief: 62 year old Linda Thompson’s Pickleball Journey

Linda Thompson, a 62-year-old from Estero, Florida, transitioned from collegiate and national-level tennis to pickleball in 2016, reigniting her passion for competitive sports. Introduced by a friend, she quickly adapted her tennis skills to excel in pickleball. Thompson now competes in the National Pickleball League (NPL) for the Indy Drivers, the defending champions. Her dedication extends beyond competition, as she actively teaches and promotes pickleball, envisioning it as a unifying sport for all ages. With upcoming NPL events, Thompson continues to inspire and lead, showcasing resilience, perseverance, and a commitment to advancing the sport’s reach and appeal.

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