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OluKai Launches Pickleball Court Shoes: New Addition

OluKai Launches Pickleball Court Shoes: OluKai, known for its island-inspired footwear, has proceeded into the pickleball market with a new addition to its sports collection, the ‘Anau (ah-now) pickleball court shoes. Known for their comfortable flip-flops, sandals, and lifestyle shoes, OluKai now offers pickleball enthusiasts a stylish and functional footwear option.

Priced at $140 and backed by a one-year warranty, the ‘Anau shoes are available in men’s and women’s sizes, featuring various attractive colors, including an attractive mint green and white combination that stands out on the court and off.

While OluKai has primarily focused on golf shoes in its sports lineup, the addition of pickleball court shoes reflects their commitment to expanding its offerings.

Aligning with OluKai’s relaxed, island-living characteristic, the ‘Anau shoes are designed to not only perform well on the court but also maintain a stylish appearance off it. This versatility makes them a suitable choice for both competitive play and casual outings.


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With positive initial reviews highlighting their true-to-size fit and appealing aesthetics, the ‘Anau shoes are assured to attract pickleball players seeking both comfort and style.

The brand’s collaboration with pickleball pro and influencer, Hannah Blatt, further highlights OluKai’s commitment to the sport and its growing community. As pickleball continues to rise in popularity, OluKai’s entry into this market segment signals a promising start for its court shoe line.

OluKai Launches Pickleball Court Shoes

For those interested in adding a touch of island-inspired comfort to their pickleball game, the ‘Anau shoes offer a compelling option that combines performance with OluKai’s signature laid-back appeal.


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News in Brief: OluKai Launches Pickleball Court Shoes

OluKai expands its sports collection with the introduction of the ‘Anau pickleball court shoes, priced at $140 and available in men’s and women’s sizes. Known for their comfort and island-inspired designs, OluKai brings style and functionality to pickleball enthusiasts. The shoes feature attractive colors like mint green and white, designed for both on-court performance and casual wear. With positive reviews highlighting their fit and aesthetics, the ‘Anau shoes please players seeking comfort and style in their pickleball footwear. OluKai’s collaboration with pickleball pro Hannah Blatt highlights their commitment to the sport’s growing community.

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