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Door County Pickleball Club Surges, Demands More Courts

Door County Pickleball Club Surges: The Door County Pickleball Club, with over 100 enthusiastic members, officially kicked off its back-to-summer gathering at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay on June 9, marking the start of what promises to be a bustling season.

If this event is any indication on what’s to come, the county will definitely be in need of more pickleball courts,” stated Jay Renstrom, the club’s president. His comment underscores the rapid growth of the sport within the community and the increasing demand for more facilities to accommodate the surge in players.

Renstrom’s optimism isn’t unfounded. The club ended last year with just over 400 paid members, a number they are poised to surpass this season. Already, nearly 400 members have signed up, and the club’s Facebook page boasts almost 1,400 followers, reflecting the sport’s growing popularity in the area.

This year, we hope to significantly surpass last year’s numbers,” Renstrom added, noting that the club’s new-member rate has jumped from the typical 20 % to nearly 30% this year. The club’s support spans from Sturgeon Bay to Washington Island, with all membership dues and donations reinvested into nurturing and expanding pickleball throughout Door County.

Door County Pickleball Club Surges

The upcoming outdoor season is packed with events, starting with a doubles tournament scheduled for the weekend of June 15-16 and a singles tournament in early July at Sunset Park. On June 29-30, Door County will host LevelUP Pickleball camps, the nation’s leading provider of pickleball instruction, offering players a chance to receive top-tier coaching.

August will see the club’s Annual Summer Social Event, a highlight of the season. Moreover, on August 23-24, pro pickleball players Susannah Barr and Dominic Catalano are set to visit Door County, holding clinics and playing pro sessions at the Sevastopol Courts.

Renstrom’s excitement about the upcoming events is visible, and his vision for the club is clear: “We’re dedicated to supporting and growing pickleball in Door County. Our events are designed to bring our community together, enhance our skills, and, most importantly, have fun.

As the Door County Pickleball Club continues to grow, so too does the community’s passion for the sport. The success of the back-to-summer gathering is just the beginning of what looks to be a memorable and impactful season.

News in Brief : Door County Pickleball Club Surges

The Door County Pickleball Club kicked off its season on June 9 at Sunset Park, Sturgeon Bay, with over 100 members attending. Club president Jay Renstrom highlighted the growing need for more courts due to the sport’s rising popularity. The club aims to surpass last year’s 400 members and already has nearly 400 signed up. Upcoming events include doubles and singles tournaments, LevelUP Pickleball camps, and clinics with pro players. All dues and donations are reinvested to support and expand pickleball in Door County.

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