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Topeka to Introduce New Pickleball Court at Family Park

Topeka to Introduce New Pickleball Court: Topeka is gearing up to introduce its newest addition to Family Park this summer with the imminent unveiling of a brand-new pickleball court at 21st and Urish. According to a spokesperson from Parks and Recreation, the construction has progressed smoothly, achieving significant milestones such as the completion of concrete pouring and the installation of surrounding fencing. The anticipated debut for the community is scheduled for August 1st, pending any unexpected delays.

“construction has been smooth sailing. Progress is going along really well. They poured the concrete. They put the fencing around. We’re anticipating an August 1st opening. Parks and Rec is planning to work with Topeka Pickleball” -(spokesperson)

In addition to enhancing recreational opportunities, the new pickleball court shows  Topeka’s commitment to fostering community engagement. Parks and Recreation plans to collaborate closely with the Topeka Pickleball Association to organize a grand opening event. This event aims to celebrate the court’s completion and promote active participation in the sport among residents.

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Pickleball, a popular sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has been growing in popularity across the country. The addition of this facility not only meets the demand for pickleball enthusiasts in Topeka but also contributes to the city’s efforts in providing diverse recreational options for its residents.

The location of the new court at Family Park is strategic, offering convenient access to local residents and ensuring that it becomes a focal point for community activity. As the city prepares for the court’s opening, excitement is building among residents eager to explore this new recreational opportunity.

News in Brief : Topeka to Introduce New Pickleball Court

Topeka’s Family Park gears up for an exciting addition: a new pickleball court at 21st and Urish, set to debut August 1st. With construction progressing smoothly, including concrete pouring and fencing installation, the court promises to boost community engagement and meet growing demand for the popular sport. The Parks and Recreation Department plans a grand opening in collaboration with the Topeka Pickleball Association, highlighting Topeka’s commitment to diverse recreational opportunities. Positioned strategically for accessibility, the court at Family Park is poised to become a hub for local residents eager to embrace this new recreational venture.

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