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Orange County Celebrates New Pickleball Courts at Downey Park

Orange County Celebrates New Pickleball Courts: Downey Park, Orange County – The sport of pickleball is experiencing tremendous growth, and Orange County is keeping pace with the trend. As part of the county’s expansive park network, Downey Park now boasts brand new pickleball courts, celebrated with a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Eight new courts have been constructed at Downey Park, a project made possible by a $1.5 million investment of county taxpayer dollars. This addition reflects the county’s commitment to enhancing recreational facilities for its residents.

“We just did the ribbon cutting for the brand new pickleball courts here. There are eight courts. We invested about $1.5 million of county taxpayer dollars in this facility.”-
(Jerry Demings)

“Love it, yeah. Oh, I’m excited. You get to meet people, you know, enjoy it and good exercise.”-(Local resident)

Mayor Jerry Demings and the Board of County Commissioners have prioritized funding for community needs, ensuring recreational facilities are accessible to all. District 4, previously one of the least served areas in terms of park availability, particularly benefits from this new development.

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This is a significant achievement for us,” a District 4 representative commented. “Our parks and recreation department is constantly working to develop more parks in the area. Seeing the community happy makes it all worthwhile.

The importance of these parks cannot be overstated, especially in areas like the east side of Orlando where facilities are sparse. Previously, some residents had to drive up to 40 minutes to find a place to play pickleball. Now, they will have a much shorter commute, with the courts just 10 to 15 minutes away.

Additionally, the local pickleball community has shown great enthusiasm. “What I found out is that these pickleball players are real trash talkers,” one player joked. “I decided to practice and then get out there and challenge them.

The opening of these courts marks a significant milestone in Orange County’s efforts to provide accessible and enjoyable recreational options for all its residents.

News in Brief : Orange County Celebrates New Pickleball Courts

Orange County’s Downey Park now features eight new pickleball courts, inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Funded by a $1.5 million investment, this project enhances recreational facilities, particularly benefiting the underserved District 4. Mayor Jerry Demings and the County Commissioners prioritized this development to ensure accessible parks for residents. Previously, some locals had to drive up to 40 minutes to play pickleball; now, the courts are just 10 to 15 minutes away. The local pickleball community is enthusiastic, with players excited about the new, closer facilities.



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