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Sporting Kansas City’s Epic Pickleball Showdown for Charity

Kansas City’s Epic Pickleball Showdown: Sporting Kansas City is set to host the annual Sporting Slam pickleball tournament on Thursday, July 18 at Chicken N Pickle, located at 5901 W. 135th St. This eagerly anticipated event promises an evening of spirited competition and community support, with all proceeds benefiting The Victory Project.

The tournament will feature two divisions: beginner teams will compete from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., followed by advanced teams from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. With up to 32 teams expected to participate, registration is currently open online. Each team’s $150 entry fee includes perks such as access to a food buffet, two drink tickets per participant, and a specially designed pickleball paddle to commemorate the occasion.

Winning teams will not only secure bragging rights but also receive tickets to Sporting Kansas City’s highly anticipated home match against rivals St. Louis CITY SC on Saturday, July 20. Additionally, they will be awarded a coveted swag bag stocked with exclusive gear from SportingStyle.

Chicken N Pickle, a cherished member of the Sporting Pub Network, is no stranger to hosting premier events. The venue, which opened its Overland Park location in 2021, offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor entertainment. Patrons can enjoy a full-service restaurant, sports bar, and a variety of leisure games, making it an ideal setting for both players and spectators alike.

Presented by Price Chopper and Sobe Promos, the Sporting Slam forms part of a series of upcoming fundraising initiatives for The Victory Project. This includes a diverse lineup of events such as Yoga on the Pitch (July 13), the Victory Run x Planet Fitness 5K (July 20), the Kicks N Fits Victory Gala (Aug. 10), and the Sporting Invitational (October 14), all aimed at supporting the organization’s impactful community programs.

Sporting Kansas City continues to show its commitment to both athletic excellence and community engagement through events like the Sporting Slam. By bringing together sports enthusiasts and supporters of The Victory Project, the club reinforces its dedication to making a positive difference beyond the pitch.

Kansas City's Epic Pickleball Showdown

News in Brief : Kansas City’s Epic Pickleball Showdown

Sporting Kansas City will host the annual Sporting Slam pickleball tournament at Chicken N Pickle in Overland Park on July 18. The event features beginner and advanced divisions with up to 32 teams competing. Registration is open online for $150 per team, including perks like food, drinks, and custom paddles. Winning teams earn tickets to a Sporting Kansas City match and exclusive gear.

Chicken N Pickle, part of the Sporting Pub Network, offers indoor/outdoor entertainment and dining options. The tournament supports The Victory Project, benefiting from the partnership with Price Chopper and Sobe Promos. Additional fundraising events include Yoga on the Pitch, a 5K run, a gala, and the Sporting Invitational. Sporting Kansas City continues its community engagement through sports and charity events, reinforcing its commitment beyond the field.

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