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St. Cloud Country Club Unveils Pickleball Courts

St. Cloud Country Club Unveils Pickleball Courts: St. Cloud Country Club is set to unveil its latest addition this Saturday: brand-new pickleball courts, marking a significant move to embrace one of America’s fastest-growing sports. Spearheaded by Gene Windfeldt, spurred on by his pickleball enthusiast wife Sheelah, the club sees this expansion as pivotal in enhancing its recreational offerings alongside a revamped clubhouse and dining experience.

According to Gene Windfeldt, the decision to integrate pickleball into the club’s repertoire is about providing diverse activities that cater to members’ social needs beyond golf. “The truth is there’s a lot of activities that take place in a country club. It’s really a social place for people to gather and see their friends. And the golf is one of the things that you do at a country club, it’s not a golf club, it’s a country club,” he affirmed.

The rollout includes a tiered membership structure, with the social tier granting access to the new pickleball facilities. An intuitive online reservation system ensures ease of scheduling playtime.

Denise Lenaghan, General Manager, outlined plans for a comprehensive pickleball program, featuring open play sessions, leagues, and instructional clinics. “So, this first year is really going to be a little bit of trial and error. We’re going to feel it out. We do have a pickleball professional that is working with us. She is scheduling all kinds of programming for us. From ladder leagues to men’s play, women’s play. We’re going to have junior clinics, she’ll have lessons.,” she detailed.

While currently open-air, future phases aim to enclose the courts for year-round playability, showing the club’s commitment to all-season recreation.

The club’s appeal extends beyond pickleball, with amenities like a family-friendly pool and recent upgrades to clubhouse facilities. Renovations in 2022 and 2023 introduced modern amenities including expanded pro shop, golf simulator, and updated locker rooms, culminating in an elevated member experience.

Thursday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for the pickleball courts drew a crowd, signaling a new chapter in St. Cloud Country Club’s commitment to enhancing leisure options and building community spirit.St. Cloud Country Club Unveils Pickleball Courts

News in Brief : St. Cloud Country Club Unveils Pickleball Courts

St. Cloud Country Club is eagerly introducing pickleball courts, responding to the sport’s popularity surge nationwide. Championed by Gene Windfeldt and supported by a comprehensive membership structure, including a social tier granting access to the courts. The initiative aims to diversify recreational options beyond golf, enhancing the club’s appeal as a social hub.

General Manager Denise Lenaghan outlines plans for varied programming, from leagues to instructional clinics, guided by a dedicated pickleball professional. The courts, initially open-air, are slated for future enclosure to enable year-round play. Additional club amenities like a family pool and recent clubhouse upgrades augment its generational appeal and overall member experience. A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the courts’ inauguration, marking a significant milestone for the club’s ongoing enhancement efforts.

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