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Franklin Pickleball Tournament: Raises Funds to Support Homeless Veterans

Franklin Pickleball Tournament: Under the bright Sunday sun at the TOA Sports Performance Center, the sound of pickleball paddles meeting plastic balls was more than just a signal of friendly competition. It marked the third annual pickleball tournament hosted by “We Are Building Lives“, a nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless veterans reclaim their lives.

In the heart of Williamson County, a spirited group of players gathered, not only for the love of the game but for a cause that resonates deeply within the community. The proceeds from this tournament are set to provide critical support for veterans in need—offering housing, employment, counseling, and financial assistance to those who have served our country and now find themselves in dire circumstances.

Walt Tennyson, a passionate pickleball player and enthusiastic supporter of the event, reflected on the dual purpose of the day. “It makes something fun also something meaningful,” Tennyson shared, his voice carrying a blend of excitement and earnestness. ‘They work with a real vulnerable population of people… veterans, a lot of whom struggle with mental illnesses, trauma, and addiction issues.

The tournament, now in its third year, symbolizes more than just sport; it represents a community rallying together to uplift its most vulnerable members. Aubrie Pittman, the marketing and development director for We Are Building Lives, highlighted the significant impact of the event. “A lot of people, if they don’t have this help, they won’t ever get back in civilian life,” Pittman explained, her words underscoring the profound need for such initiatives.

In Nashville alone, there are hundreds of homeless veterans, each with a story of sacrifice and struggle. The funds raised—targeting around $5,000—are more than just numbers; they are lifelines. “So it’s really life-changing for most of these veterans,” Pittman concluded, her tone filled with hope and determination.

As the final matches played out and the sun began to set, the sense of camaraderie and purpose lingered in the air. The Franklin pickleball tournament had served up more than just volleys and smashes; it had delivered hope, support, and a powerful reminder that, as a community, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of those who have given so much.

Franklin Pickleball Tournament

News In Brief: Franklin Pickleball Tournament

The third annual pickleball tournament hosted by We Are Building Lives took place on Sunday at the TOA Sports Performance Center. The event aimed to support homeless veterans by raising funds for housing, employment, counseling, and financial assistance. Enthusiastic players gathered for the cause, with proceeds targeting around $5,000. Walt Tennyson, a participant, emphasized the meaningful impact of combining fun with philanthropy. Aubrie Pittman, marketing and development director, highlighted the critical support provided to veterans struggling with mental health and addiction issues. The tournament underscored the community’s commitment to helping those who served.

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