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Mastering the Return of Serve in Pickleball: Tips from Beginner to Advanced Levels

The Return of Serve in Pickleball: Coach Mary’s Tip of the Week tackles a crucial question in pickleball: Are returns more important than serves?

Elijah from the Pickleball Journey Boys provides a compelling video on the return of serve, breaking down the concept into three skill levels:

1. Beginner, or “safe” return

– Position yourself behind the baseline, paddle in front.
– Adopt a strategy of Wait, Stop, Hit, and then move up to the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ) line.
– Keep stroke compact and simple, with an open paddle face to achieve a high, deep return, giving you ample time to reach the Kitchen line.

2. Intermediate return

– Move closer to the baseline.
– Maintain a low paddle position with a slightly bigger, yet compact swing.
– Use a more closed paddle face.
– Begin your swing and move through the ball with a more extended motion, allowing you to reach the line quicker.

3. Advanced return

– Stand right behind the baseline.
– Employ a larger backswing and a full stroke while moving.
– Take the ball on the rise, akin to a short hop.
– Apply plenty of topspin.
– Gain a positional advantage, reaching the Kitchen line faster.

the Return of Serve in Pickleball

In the advanced drill class, students were instructed to watch Elijah’s video before practicing techniques at various stations. They were asked when to use intermediate and advanced returns. Many of them correctly identified the key situations:

– When the serve is mid-court or short to the forehand.
– When rally scoring is in play, using their return to score.

The students were reminded to always be mindful of their mobility and limitations, to move as quickly as possible while maintaining balance, and to avoid injury.

News in Brief: The Return of Serve in Pickleball

The article explores the significance of the return of serve in pickleball, featuring tips categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It emphasizes techniques to improve game strategy and efficiency on the court, catering to varying skill levels from casual players to competitive enthusiasts.

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