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LNique Specialty Linen Promotes Fun and Camaraderie in Workplace Culture

LNique Specialty Linen: At work isn’t just about business; it’s about creating an environment where fun and camaraderie are fundamental to the company ethos. With a team of 75 dedicated staffers, the workplace buzzes with activities like impromptu volleyball games, quirky challenges involving Oreos and mustard or milk, engaging rounds of Plinko, and spirited matches of pickleball.

Founded 25 years ago by co-owners Angela Klodnick and Deidre Docman, whose friendship predates their business partnership, LNique Specialty Linen began humbly in Klodnick’s kitchen. Over the years, the company’s growth necessitated a move to a spacious 16,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar facility, and this year, LNique has ascended to a prominent position in its industry.

According to Winnette Martinez, the workplace culture at LNique is unparalleled. She describes an atmosphere where camaraderie thrives, enhanced not only by playful activities and pickleball breaks but also by opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

Well, to start with, Deidre and I started this business to create a family culture specifically,” Klodnick said. “So, we treat everyone like family, we have events, we celebrate all of their life’s events with them inside and out, you know, whether they are celebrating a special birthday or having a work anniversary. This whole business is about celebrating our employees outside of satisfying our clients. We have what we call the three F’s. It’s fun, flexibility, and family.

This blend of a vibrant work environment and supportive culture shows L’Nique Specialty Linen’s commitment to building a workplace where productivity and enjoyment go hand in hand.

News in Brief: LNique Specialty Linen

LNique Specialty Linen in Valley View, Ohio, fosters a vibrant workplace culture emphasizing fun and camaraderie. Founded by Angela Klodnick and Deidre Docman, the company promotes team bonding through activities like pickleball and quirky challenges. With 75 dedicated staff members, LNique encourages both personal growth and career advancement within its expanding operations.

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