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The Sport of Pickleball Explodes in North Bay

Pickleball Explodes in North Bay, Pickleball, the fast-growing sport that’s sweeping the nation, has taken a stronghold in North Bay. The North Bay Pickleball Club has seen an explosive increase in membership, ballooning from a handful of enthusiasts just a couple of summers ago to over 200 members today. With this rapid growth, the club is now facing a pressing need for additional court space to accommodate its burgeoning ranks.

The club has grown because the sport has grown,” said Debbey Bentley, a dedicated club member. “You can play at so many different levels. Everybody has fun, everybody is welcome. It’s a great atmosphere, lots of fun, lots of exercise.”

The sentiment is echoed by Chris Derochie, another passionate member, who highlighted the sport’s swift expansion. “It’s really accelerating,” he told CTV News. “It’s at a rapid pace of growth where we’re busting at the seams.”

Currently, the city has provided 10 courts in the Pinewood area, which are rarely vacant due to the sport’s popularity. “The city has been great,” Derochie added. “We have a facility that’s been paved here. They’ve provided nets, washroom facilities so we’re very fortunate with this. Probably though – in a few years, we’re going to be looking for more court space due to the really big growth.”

While most members play for the joy of the game, there’s no denying the competitive edge that sometimes emerges. Players of all ages, including those up to 90 years old, find the social aspect just as appealing as the physical exercise. “You’re getting some exercise, the social and just movement is health,” Derochie remarked.

Even as the seasons change, the sport doesn’t slow down. With indoor courts available, North Bay’s pickleball fans can continue playing throughout the winter months, ensuring that this vibrant community remains active year-round.

As the North Bay Pickleball Club continues to grow, the call for more facilities becomes louder, reflecting the sport’s undeniable surge in popularity and the tight-knit community it fosters.

Pickleball Explodes in North Bay

News in Brief: Pickleball Explodes in North Bay

Pickleball is rapidly growing in North Bay, with the North Bay Pickleball Club’s membership surging from a few players to over 200. Club members, like Debbey Bentley, attribute this growth to the sport’s inclusivity and fun nature. Chris Derochie highlighted the club’s rapid expansion, noting that the current 10 courts in Pinewood are almost always occupied. While the city has supported the club with facilities, the club anticipates needing more court space soon. Members play for enjoyment, with some competitive moments, and the social aspect is a significant draw. Indoor courts ensure pickleball continues through the winter, maintaining the community’s activity year-round.

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