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Local Players Shine in Flagstaff Pickleball Tournament

Local Players Shine in Flagstaff Pickleball Tournament: Over the weekend, Flagstaff’s pickleball community showcased its talent and competitive spirit at the third annual Flagstaff Pickleball Open. Held at Northern Arizona University, the tournament drew participants across various age groups and skill levels, highlighting the growing popularity of the sport. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, local players made their mark with impressive performances and notable victories in both singles and doubles categories. The event not only celebrated athletic prowess but also fostered community relations among players and spectators alike.

Men’s Dominance in Different Age Groups

In the men’s divisions, Flagstaff’s pickleball community’s  John Rohrer and Ward Kinney emerged victorious in the level 3.0 category for players aged 60 and older. After a close first set defeat, they rallied back to clinch the gold, defeating competitors from Scottsdale in consecutive sets.

Felipe Puente and Jensen Stine also made waves, claiming the level 3.5 title for men aged 12-34. Despite facing a setback in the round robin stage, they bounced back emphatically to secure a convincing victory in the final match.

Brooks Hart of Flagstaff and Roy Walsh of Glendale captured bronze in the competitive age 35-59 bracket at the 3.5 level. Meanwhile, Northern Arizona tennis coaches Facundo Tumosa and Maciej Ziomber triumphed in the level 4.5 bracket, showcasing their prowess with a hard-fought victory in the championship match.

Women’s Excellence Across Multiple Divisions

Flagstaff players dominated the women’s brackets with impressive performances and strategic prowess throughout the tournament.

Jules Olsen-Zwick and Suzi Olsen-Zwick showcased their skills by winning over Tanya Rae and Melinda McKinney in a thrilling final in the age 12-59, level 3.0 bracket. The match saw a dramatic turnaround, highlighting their resilience and tactical approach.

Rachel Dunlap of Flagstaff and Andrea Meyer from Clarkdale emerged victorious in the level 3.5, ages 12-49 category, after overcoming local rivals Mariko Darlington and Vanessa Miller in a competitive final.

Sarah Puente and Sierra Ford demonstrated their dominance in the level 4.0, ages 12-59 competition, with a commanding performance in the final match, securing another title for Flagstaff participants.

Local Players Shine in Flagstaff Pickleball Tournament

Mixed Doubles Success and Local Flavor

The mixed doubles categories also saw impressive performances from local pairs, adding to the community’s success at the tournament.

Kristen Thut and Jeevan Jain-Cocks secured a bronze medal in the level 3.0, age 12-34 contest, showcasing their chemistry and skill on the court.

Retha Lecuyer and Joe Villanueva also secured a third-place finish in the age 35-59, level 3.0 draw, highlighting their competitive spirit and teamwork.

Notable Wins and Close Contests

Rachel Dunlap and Tom Dunlap from California emerged victorious in the level 3.5, age 12-34 bracket, demonstrating their consistency and determination throughout the competition.

Alicia Hendricks and Damion Hendricks earned a bronze medal in the competitive age 35-59 level 3.5 bracket, underscoring their resilience and tactical prowess.

Paycen Hendricks of Flagstaff and Kara Rice from Anthem captured the title in the age 12-34, level 4.0 bracket, showcasing their skill and strategy in a hard-fought final match.

Ford and Donio Enscoe Secure Top Honors

In the top mixed competition, Sierra Ford and David Donio Enscoe emerged as champions in the age 12-59, level 4.5 tournament. Their unbeaten record in the round robin was a result to their skill and teamwork, climax in a nail biting  final match victory.

News in Brief: Local Players Shine in Flagstaff Pickleball Tournament

Local pickleball players from Flagstaff excelled at the Flagstaff Pickleball Open, securing top-three finishes and medals in multiple categories. John Rohrer and Ward Kinney won gold in the men’s 60 and older 3.0 level, while Felipe Puente and Jensen Stine won in the men’s 12-34 3.5 bracket. Flagstaff’s women also shone brightly, with notable wins from Jules Olsen-Zwick and Suzi Olsen-Zwick in the 12-49 3.0 division, among others. Mixed doubles saw further success with local pairs earning medals across different age groups. The tournament showcased skill, determination, and the exciting pickleball community in Flagstaff.

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