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GHYC Exciting Expansion Plans: Tennis and Pickleball Sports Facilities

GHYC Exciting Expansion Plans: The Great Harbor Yacht Club (GHYC) has set its sights on enhancing its recreational offerings with a proposed expansion of its racket sports facilities, as outlined in a recent application submitted to the Planning Board. Located at 23 Nobadeer Farm Road, the private club currently boasts eight tennis courts and two swimming pools. The plan involves demolishing a nearby building at 19 Nobadeer Farm Road, previously a commercial kitchen and residence, to pave the way for additional facilities.

Adding Tennis and Pickleball Courts

GHYC’s acquisition of the property in September from former owners who operated it as a take-out restaurant marks the first step in their expansion endeavor. The proposed project includes the construction of one new tennis courts, four pickleball courts, and a small utility shed. Access to these new amenities would be facilitated through a footpath on the club’s existing property, ensuring privacy for club members.

Addressing Concerns and Collaborative Efforts

Initial concerns regarding increased traffic in front of the Small Friends on Nantucket early-childhood education center have been addressed by GHYC’s plans to add 19 new parking spaces and implement valet services. Attorney Steven Cohen, representing the club, emphasized at a recent Planning Board meeting that these measures aim to prevent overflow parking at the school, ensuring it remains available for staff and club personnel as needed.

Finalize The Proposal

Cohen further highlighted ongoing discussions involving GHYC, Small Friends, and the Nantucket Land Bank to finalize the proposal.

The Land Bank, Small Friends and Great Harbor Yacht Club have desires and needs that work together. There are no opposing needs here, so I think we should be able to come up with something that accommodates and benefits everybody,” Cohen said.

The proposed expansion signals GHYC’s commitment to enhancing its facilities while fostering community collaboration on Nantucket Island.

News In Brief: GHYC Exciting Expansion Plans

Great Harbor Yacht Club (GHYC) in Nantucket, MA, is set to expand its recreational offerings with new racket and pickleball sports facilities. The proposed project includes adding one tennis court, four pickleball courts, and a utility shed by demolishing a nearby building. GHYC aims to mitigate concerns about increased traffic with additional parking and valet services. Collaboration with local entities reflects efforts to balance community needs with club enhancements.

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