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The Sponsors of MLP: Dynamic Sponsorship Landscape

The Sponsors of MLP: Pickleball’s incredible rise has sparked a rise in related businesses, from paddle manufacturers to court construction companies, all racing to meet the growing demand. This booming industry isn’t just about equipment and facilities; it’s also attracting a wave of sponsors eager to capitalize on the sport’s popularity. As participation numbers soar, sponsors see pickleball as a prime opportunity to connect with a diverse and enthusiastic fan base, driving innovation and investment across the entire pickleball ecosystem.

MLP stands as a premier league in the world of pickleball, celebrated for its expansive fan base and robust viewership. Renowned for its substantial brand value, MLP boasts a diverse array of sponsors ranging from industry giants like Skechers to health-focused brands like MALK. This extensive sponsorship portfolio not only strenghtens MLP’s stature but also significantly enhances the sport of pickleball itself. The varied sponsors attract fans spanning different age groups, contributing to the league’s broad appeal and fostering a vibrant community around the sport

Current Sponsors of Major League Pickleball (MLP)

Who Are The Sponsors of MLP

  • Advil: Advil is the latest add-on in the MLP sponsors list, Major League Pickleball (MLP) is making a significant move , announcing a multiyear sponsorship agreement with Advil, the renowned pain relief brand. This partnership, set to run through 2025, positions Advil as the exclusive pain reliever for the team-based pickleball league.
  • Margaritaville: Known for its relaxed, island-inspired lifestyle, Margaritaville’s partnership brings a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere to MLP events.
  • Michelob Ultra: Aligning with the brand, a beer brand, Michelob Ultra’s sponsorship integrates seamlessly with the league’s dynamic audience.
  • The Botanist: This artisanal gin brand enhances the experience for fans with its premium beverages, adding a sophisticated touch to the event offerings.
  • Blue Berries: As a staple of healthy eating, Blue Berries’ involvement emphasizes MLP’s commitment to promoting wellness and nutrition among its participants and fans.
  • Blue Note: This premium whiskey brand offers a distinct flavor profile that appeals to both traditional and contemporary audiences, adding a rich, cultural layer to the league’s events.
  • Nobilo: A leading wine producer, Nobilo’s sponsorship adds a refined element to MLP’s hospitality suites and VIP experiences.
  • MALK: This plant-based milk brand aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and healthy food options, reflecting MLP’s progressive values.
  • The James: An comprehensive cancer center, aligns with a nationally ranked medical center and a freestanding cancer hospital at Ohio State University, conducting advanced clinical trials and earning top rankings and Magnet® recognition for exceptional patient care.
  • Joggy: Focused on health and wellness products, Joggy’s sponsorship provides MLP participants with essential wellness tools and supplements.
  • Elta MD: Specializing in skincare, Elta MD ensures that players and fans are protected from the elements, particularly during outdoor events.
  • OS1st: Offering compression sleeves and braces, OS1st supports the physical well-being of MLP athletes, helping prevent injuries and enhance performance.
  • HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery): As a leading orthopedic hospital, HSS provides crucial medical expertise and support, ensuring athlete safety and health.
  • Dulce Vida: This organic tequila brand brings a vibrant and energetic element to MLP’s social events and celebrations.
  • Skechers: Known for their comfortable and innovative footwear, Skechers supports the league’s athletes with high-performance shoes.
  • DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating): This partnership enhances the competitive aspect of MLP, providing a standardized rating system for players.
  • Imperial: As a leader in headwear and apparel, Imperial supplies stylish and functional gear for MLP’s athletes and fans.
  • CURRREX: Specializing in custom insoles, CURRREX ensures that players have the support they need for peak performance.

News in Brief: Who Are The Sponsors of MLP?

Major League Pickleball (MLP) stands at the forefront of this movement, recognized for its extensive fan base and robust viewership. The league’s prestigious stature is amplified by a diverse array of sponsors, ranging from well-known brands like Skechers and Michelob Ultra to health-oriented names such as MALK and Elta MD. These partnerships not only enhance MLP’s brand but also contribute substantially to the sport’s overall development.

Each sponsor brings unique contributions: Margaritaville infuses a laid-back vibe, while brands like Nobilo and The Botanist elevate hospitality with premium beverages. MLP’s sponsorship diversity attracts fans across various demographics, reinforcing its broad appeal and fostering a vibrant community around pickleball.

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