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World’s Highest Pickleball Court: In Tower Club Dallas At 48th floor

World’s Highest Pickleball Court: Dallas, Texas is set to elevate the thrill of pickleball this summer with a unique and breathtaking experience: the return of ‘Pickleball in The Sky’ at Tower Club Dallas. Perched on the 48th floor, this high-flying court offers not only unparalleled views of the city skyline but also an exclusive opportunity for both pickleball fans and casual players alike to enjoy the sport in a truly spectacular setting. Managed by Invited, a leader in private club operations across North America, this event promises to blend sport, leisure, and wide vistas in a way that captures the essence of urban recreation at its finest.

Tower Club Dallas Welcomes Back World’s Highest Pickleball Court

Pickleball enthusiasts and city-goers alike are gearing up for the return of ‘Pickleball in The Sky,’ set to take place throughout July on the 48th floor of Tower Club Dallas. Managed by Invited, a prominent owner-operator of private golf and country clubs across North America, this unique event offers breathtaking 360-degree views of downtown Dallas.

Unparalleled Pickleball Experience Above the City

The world’s highest pickleball court, established by Invited, will be accessible to both members and non-members for individual play or team outings. With extended operating hours designed to accommodate various schedules, participants can enjoy the court from Monday to Sunday, with evenings featuring a curated menu of light bites, cocktails, and themed events accompanied by a DJ.


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Commitment to Pickleball Expansion and Innovation

Invited, recognized for its leadership in managing racquet facilities globally, manages over 800 tennis courts and 400 pickleball courts across 170 clubs. The organization has been crucial in promoting pickleball’s growth, hosting prestigious events like the National Pickleball Championships at venues such as Brookhaven Country Club, attracting thousands of players annually.

“Invited continues to surprise and delight its members and the local community with innovative experiences,” stated David Pillsbury, CEO of Invited. “The Pickleball Court in the Sky is just another example of engaging with pickleball fans in Dallas and promoting the sport across our nationwide portfolio of clubs.”

World's Highest Pickleball Court

News In Brief: World’s Highest Pickleball Court

Tower Club Dallas is set to unveil the world’s highest pickleball court this July on its 48th floor. Managed by Invited, the court will offer stunning 360-degree views of downtown Dallas, welcoming both members and non-members for individual play or team outings. Operating daily with extended hours, the experience includes themed events, cocktails, and light bites, all accompanied by a DJ. Invite’s initiative marks a significant step in promoting pickleball’s growth and offering an unparalleled sporting experience above the city skyline.

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