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Transforming Recreation: Mountain View Park Pickleball

Mountain View Park Pickleball: Mountain View Park in Pocono Township has long been a haven for tennis enthusiasts like Dacosta Smith and his family. Over two decades, they’ve enjoyed the courts, but a new trend is reshaping the landscape.

“We always come out here when the weather is good. We’ve been playing out here for 20 years or so, People are playing pickleball now. Everywhere we go, it seems like it’s picking up steam and pace.” said Smith. However, lately, the popularity of pickleball has been undeniable.

Transformation of Courts

Township officials have taken note of shifting interests. The basketball courts, once bustling with activity, have seen declining use. Now, plans are underway to convert the space into a dedicated area for pickleball, responding to the sport’s growing demand.

“This was a two-court basket system since the ’70s, and once we put the new basketball courts in at TLC PARK, it took a lot of traffic off of this court,” explained township manager Jerrod Belvin.

Community Impact and Future Plans

Construction has commenced this week to transform the site into three pickleball courts alongside one basketball court. Township officials aim to accommodate the increasing number of pickleball players while preserving opportunities for basketball enthusiasts.

You see the courts here, they are shared, right, so more people seem to be playing more pickleball than tennis. So, if they have more courts to play on, that’s a win-win for everyone,” said Smith.

Enhancing Recreation Opportunities

“We’re going to put in some stadium seating in the back so that people can come enjoy and spend time with their families. We’re also looking at a reservation system as well with our current rec deck system so you can reserve the courts,” –
said Belvin.

Anticipated for completion by the end of August, the new pickleball facilities are poised to enhance recreational offerings at Mountain View Park, reflecting the community’s evolving recreational preferences.

News in Brief: Mountain View Park Pickleball

Mountain View Park in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, is undergoing a transformation to accommodate the rising popularity of pickleball. The park is converting its basketball courts into three pickleball courts and one basketball court to meet the growing demand for pickleball while still catering to basketball enthusiasts. Construction has started, with completion expected by the end of August, enhancing recreational options in the community.

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