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3 New Pickleball Courts Coming to Mokelumne Hill

New Pickleball Courts Coming to Mokelumne Hill: Amidst anticipation and community spirit, Mokelumne Hill Veterans Memorial District had eagerly prepared to inaugurate their latest addition: three new pickleball courts. Originally slated for a June 22nd ribbon-cutting ceremony near Mokelumne Hill Elementary School, the event has been rescheduled to ensure optimal preparation and community engagement. This transformation from tennis to pickleball underscores a shift driven by local enthusiasm, supported by a substantial state grant aimed at enhancing recreational facilities.

Pickleball Courts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Postponed

The Mokelumne Hill Veterans Memorial District had eagerly anticipated a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 22nd to celebrate the unveiling of their new pickleball courts. However, due to logistical reasons and the need for adequate preparation, the event has been postponed. Thomas Ringlein, chair of the veterans’ organization, explained that the delay was necessary to ensure proper advertising and to avoid conflicting with the upcoming Fourth of July festivities. The ceremony, originally scheduled near Mokelumne Hill Elementary School, will now be rescheduled for next month.

“It’s going to take a little bit (more) time to get ready for it, No. 1, and No. 2, we were supposed to advertise for it (and that did not happen),” he said. “Pushing the ribbon-cutting ceremony close to the Fourth of July kind of gave us a time constraint that we couldn’t quite match.”

From Tennis to Pickleball: A Conversion Driven by Popularity

The decision to convert one of the district’s tennis courts into three pickleball courts stemmed from the growing popularity of pickleball in the community. This two- to four-player sport shares similarities with tennis but features unique dynamics, including the use of paddles and a perforated plastic ball. Funded in part by a $179,000 grant from the state Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) under Proposition 68, the project aimed to enhance local parks and recreational facilities.

“(The grant) is attached to Proposition 68, which gives funds for improvements to local parks,” he said. “(The extension was given) because our project at the horse arena has been indefinitely delayed, because we’ve got a broken water pipe down there,”

Investing in Community: Enhancements and Future Plans

The OGALS grant enabled significant improvements across the Mokelumne Hill Veterans Memorial District’s facilities. The majority of the funds, approximately $115,000, were allocated to the pickleball courts, covering expenses such as asphalt surfacing and court painting. Additional enhancements included new lighting and infrastructure at the C.B. Hobbs Field, where volunteer efforts substantially reduced costs. Despite challenges such as delays due to infrastructure issues, including a broken water pipe, the district remains committed to further upgrades, demonstrating a strong community-driven approach to recreational development.

“So, we can’t even test the water pressure until we get the pipe fixed, and we’re waiting on (the Calaveras Public Utility District and the California Department of Transportation) to come in and try to help us figure out how we’re going to fix a broken pipe under the brand-new asphalt road before we can commence with the rest of that project.”

New Pickleball Courts Coming to Mokelumne Hill

News In Brief: New Pickleball Courts Coming to Mokelumne Hill

Mokelumne Hill Veterans Memorial District is gearing up to unveil three new pickleball courts, originally set for a June 22nd ribbon-cutting near Mokelumne Hill Elementary School. Due to logistical reasons, the ceremony has been postponed to next month to ensure proper preparation. The conversion from tennis to pickleball, funded by a $179,000 state grant, aims to meet growing community interest in the sport. Upgrades include asphalt surfacing, court painting, and enhanced lighting at C.B. Hobbs Field, reflecting the district’s commitment to recreational development.

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