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Crush Yard Launches Brentwood Expansion, Pickleball ‘Eatertainment’ in Nashville

Crush Yard Launches Brentwood Expansion: In a move set to capitalize on Nashville’s burgeoning pickleball craze, Crush Yard, the innovative ‘Eatertainment’ brand, has announced its expansion into Brentwood, Tennessee. Located just minutes south of downtown Nashville off I-65, Crush Yard’s latest venture at the Brentwood Place shopping center promises to be a game-changer. Spanning an expansive 33,400 square feet, the facility will feature 8 state-of-the-art indoor pickleball courts, complemented by a gourmet restaurant, full-service bar, private event spaces, and an arcade.

The brainchild of NFL great and local resident Golden Tate, Crush Yard aims to blend Nashville’s love for pickleball with top-notch entertainment and culinary delights. Tate expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, ‘Nashville’s my home, and pickleball’s my passion. Crush Yard is the perfect place to celebrate both while enjoying quality time with family and friends.’

“Nashville’s my home and pickleball’s my passion, Crush Yard is the perfect place to celebrate both and enjoy time with family and friends.” – ( Golden Tate)

With a successful track record at their Charleston location, Crush Yard has garnered acclaim as the ‘Best Place to Play Pickleball.’ Boasting app-driven conveniences such as food and beverage orders, court bookings, and event registrations, the venue promises maximum ease for patrons. Executive Chef Brandon Buck’s signature ‘elevated comfort food’ has already won hearts in Charleston, complemented by a ‘Beer Island’ featuring 36 craft brews on tap. The full bar will offer a curated selection of cocktails, mocktails, and wines, creating a vibrant social hub for Nashville locals and visitors alike.

While Crush Yard welcomes all, membership offers additional perks including free play options, discounted dining, and exclusive privileges. Emphasizing community engagement, Crush Yard plans weekly programs and monthly events ranging from glow-in-the-dark pickleball to trivia nights and sports viewing parties.

Scheduled for a grand opening in early 2025, Crush Yard Brentwood aims to solidify its status as Nashville’s premier pickleball destination. According to Craig Coyne, Chief Strategy Officer, ‘The unbeatable location and unique offerings will provide an unforgettable experience for both locals and tourists in one of America’s most vibrant cities.

Most people associate country music with Nashville, but I think of pickleball!” says Matt Manasse, the game’s beloved “Coach to the Stars.” “The sport has just exploded around the city and Crush Yard Brentwood will give the area the pickleball hub it deserves.

Backed by a diverse group of investors including business leaders and sports icons like Thasunda Duckett, John Zimmer, Wyclef Jean, and several NFL legends, Crush Yard is poised for continued success. The project was facilitated by Bobby Palta of BLVD Retail and local brokers Justin Schad, Will Huffman, and Trent Yates, ensuring a seamless transition into the Brentwood market.

For pickleball enthusiasts and Nashville newcomers alike, Crush Yard’s arrival promises to elevate the city’s recreational landscape while honoring its spirited culture.

Crush Yard Launches Brentwood Expansion

News in Brief: Crush Yard Launches Brentwood Expansion, Pickleball ‘Eatertainment’ in Nashville

Crush Yard, renowned for blending pickleball with dining and entertainment, announces its expansion into Brentwood, TN, near Nashville. Set to open in early 2025, this 33,400 sq ft facility will feature 8 indoor pickleball courts, a gourmet restaurant, full bar, private event spaces, and an arcade. Founded by NFL star Golden Tate, Crush Yard aims to replicate its success in Charleston, offering app-driven convenience, Chef Brandon Buck’s elevated comfort food, and a self-pour Beer Island. Membership perks include free play and exclusive events, promising an immersive experience for locals and visitors alike in Music City’s vibrant social scene.



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