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Exciting Women’s Singles Round of 32 at OC Cup Unfolds

Exciting Women’s Singles Round of 32: The women’s singles match at the Select Medical Orange County Cup on Wednesday brought surprises as lower-seeded players triumphed in six notable matchups, marking a day of upsets and unexpected outcomes. Out of 16 matches played, higher-seeded players only managed to secure victories in 10, resulting in a 63% win rate that stands as the lowest across all divisions.

Among the standout victories, No. 23 seed Genie Bouchard delivered a commanding performance to defeat No. 13 seed Irina Tereschenko 11-3, 11-8, showcasing her transition from tennis to pickleball with finesse. Another upset saw No. 35 seed Milan Rane outplay No. 7 seed Parris Todd in straight sets, 11-7, 11-5, highlighting Rane’s rising prowess in the singles bracket.

Round of 32 Standings:

Matchup Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Anna Leigh Waters vs Pierina Imparato 11-1 11-3 0-0
Irina Tereschenko vs Genie Bouchard 3-11 8-11 0-0
Lauren Stratman vs Mari Humberg 7-11 12-10 11-4
Kaitlyn Christian vs Daria Walczak 9-11 11-7 11-6
Mary Brascia vs Alix Truong 11-5 11-1 0-0
Jamie Haas vs Layne Sleeth 11-5 6-11 11-3
Judit Castillo vs Emily Cederquist 11-2 11-6 0-0
Jorja Johnson vs Christine Maddox 11-6 11-9 0-0
Catherine Parenteau vs Madalina Grigoriu 11-3 11-4 0-0
Ekaterina Biakina vs Lingwei Kong 4-11 6-11 0-0
Parris Todd vs Milan Rane 7-11 5-11 0-0
Dominique Schaefer vs Rachel Rohrabacher 0-0 0-0 0-0
Lea Jansen vs Angela Walker 11-3 11-2 0-0
Liz Truluck vs Nicole Eugenio 11-4 7-11 9-11
Brooke Buckner vs Michelle Murphy 11-9 11-4 0-0
Lacy Schneemann vs Chao Yi Wang 11-8 9-11 8-11


In addition, No. 24 seed Lingwei Kong, No. 18 seed Rachel Rohrabacher, No. 20 seed Nicole Eugenio, and No. 17 seed Chao Yi Wang also secured victories over their higher-seeded opponents, setting the stage for an intriguing Round of 16 matchups on Thursday.

Looking ahead, the former tennis star Genie Bouchard will face off against pickleball’s top talent, Anna Leigh Waters, in what promises to be a highly anticipated clash between two formidable athletes. Meanwhile, Milan Rane and Rachel Rohrabacher, both renowned for their doubles expertise, will vie for a spot in the quarterfinals, adding further excitement to the upcoming matches.

Exciting Women's Singles Round of 32

As the Select Medical Orange County Cup continues, these results underscore the competitive depth and unpredictability of professional pickleball, setting the stage for compelling matchups and potential breakthrough performances in the days to come.

News in Brief: Exciting Women’s Singles Round of 32

Wednesday’s women’s singles matches at the Select Medical Orange County Cup saw lower-seeded players triumph in six notable upsets out of 16 matches, marking a day of surprises with higher-seeded players winning only 10 matches. Genie Bouchard, seeded 23rd, impressed with a commanding 11-3, 11-8 victory over 13th-seeded Irina Tereschenko, showcasing her transition from tennis to pickleball. Another standout upset was Milan Rane’s straight-sets victory (11-7, 11-5) over 7th-seeded Parris Todd, highlighting Rane’s growing skills.

Our Readers Queries:

Ques: Where is Irina Tereschenko from?

Ans: Irina Tereschenko is originally from Moscow. Today, she is recognized as one of the most fun-loving and talented players on the professional pickleball circuit.

Ques: What paddle does Rachel Rohrabacher use?

Ans: Rachel Rohrabacher swings the Selkirk Halo XL 16 paddle. She has shared her reasons for choosing this paddle, along with a bit of her superstition surrounding it.

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