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Lyon Oaks County Park New Accessible Pickleball Courts

New Accessible Pickleball Courts: Lyon Oaks County Park is set to offer enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities this summer, especially at its Woods Edge day-use area. Recent upgrades include a state-of-the-art destination playground, versatile exercise spaces, and newly accessible pickleball courts, all designed to promote inclusive and active lifestyles.

Promoting Inclusivity

Oakland County Parks Director Chris Ward pointed out the park’s commitment to inclusivity through these new facilities.

“The universal design of the Lyon Oaks playground and pickleball courts promotes not only the physical advantages of exercise but also social inclusion.” – (Ward)

He highlighted that the courts are modified to accommodate disabled and non-disabled players, promoting engagement and gameplay for everyone.

“Children of all abilities can engage with each other through active play and the pickleball courts are designed for interaction and gameplay for guests with and without disabilities. By making these investments, we can remove barriers and ensure that all guests have access to the proven benefits of outdoor recreation.” – (Ward)

National Recognition

The playground at Lyon Oaks has also earned recognition as a National Demonstration Site (NDS) for inclusive play and physical activity. This designation allows ongoing data collection for a national database, informing future playground developments nationwide through the Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE).

Funded in part by a GameTime Statewide Funding Initiative grant, the playground project includes ramps, wide pathways, inclusive swings, and expanded play areas. Ward noted the removal of outdated equipment and significant enhancements to create a welcoming environment for children of all ages and abilities.

“Playgrounds are often a child’s introduction to a park setting. Whether it’s their first visit or their 100th, we want to make every experience a positive one,” Ward affirmed, showing the park’s dedication to providing accessible and enjoyable recreational spaces.

Additional improvements at the Woods Edge area include the installation of four pickleball courts designed to accommodate 16 players simultaneously, with accessible routes connecting to facilities such as parking, pavilions, and restrooms. A new year-round heated restroom extends the usability of the playground and courts, enhancing comfort during colder months.

Paving projects throughout Lyon Oaks County Park, including improved trail connectivity to the Huron Valley Trail, further enhance accessibility. The park-wide initiative includes three times the minimum required ADA-accessible parking spaces, reflecting a commitment to universal accessibility across all reactivated spaces.

Community Investment

Funded significantly through pandemic relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Lyon Oaks’ reactivation aligns with Oakland County’s broader Healthy Communities Park and Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan. This initiative aims to enhance parks serving communities most affected by the pandemic, promoting health and wellness through accessible outdoor spaces.

The ongoing improvements at Lyon Oaks County Park represent a significant step towards creating inclusive, accessible, and vibrant recreational environments for all residents and visitors of Oakland County.

New Accessible Pickleball Courts

News in Brief: New Accessible Pickleball Courts

Lyon Oaks County Park in Wixom, Michigan, is enhancing its recreational offerings with newly accessible pickleball courts and a state-of-the-art playground at its Woods Edge day-use area.

These upgrades are part of a broader initiative to promote inclusive and active lifestyles. The park’s commitment to inclusivity is showed by facilities designed to cater to disabled and non-disabled players, fostering social interaction and gameplay for all.

Recognized as a National Demonstration Site for inclusive play, the playground features ramps, inclusive swings, and expanded play areas. Funded in part by grants and pandemic relief funds, Lyon Oaks County Park aims to create universally accessible spaces that promote health and wellness for all visitors.

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