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Devos Family Invests in 28000 Sq. ft. Facility in Orlando

Devos Family Invests in 28000 Sq. ft. Facility: As pickleball gains popularity for its accessible gameplay and straightforward rules, enthusiasts of all ages, from everyday players to celebrities, are embracing the sport. With this surge in interest, there’s a corresponding increase in demand for courts and facilities to accommodate the growing community.

Located in SODO, Orlando’s bustling district, Hamlin House emerges as a pioneering 28,000-square-foot facility co-owned by Ryan and Michelle DeVos, renowned for their stewardship of Major League Pickleball’s Orlando Squeeze. Beyond its seven crafted pickleball courts—three indoors and four outdoors—Hamlin House aims to redefine recreational spaces by integrating high-quality dining, artisanal cocktails, and specialty coffee into its vibrant social hub.

The Social Pulse of Pickleball

Michelle DeVos highlights pickleball’s distinctive social appeal and explained that Pickleball offers an unparalleled social experience within the sports realm. Hamlin House seeks to foster an active, communal lifestyle, welcoming individuals ranging from novices to seasoned pros.

“What we’ve seen in pickleball is an unmatched social experience within the sport, We hope Hamlin House will support an active, social lifestyle for groups ranging from friends and family to seasoned pickleball pros, coming together to share in community and the excitement of the game.”- (Michelle DeVos)

While not serving as the Orlando Squeeze’s headquarters, Hamlin House will collaborate closely with the team on community initiatives, events, and instructional sessions. Ryan DeVos emphasizes the venue’s community-centered approach and motioned that their primary objective was to create an authentic community experience that promote connections and a sense of belonging.

“When envisioning this concept, our first goal was to create an experience that uniquely reflects this community and an elevated destination where people feel like they truly belong”

“We look forward to uncovering partnership opportunities with the Squeeze, of course, but also with the many people, nonprofits, and businesses who lead our community in such an intentional way.” – (Ryan DeVos)

Opening Doors in 2025

Hamlin House isn’t solely about pickleball; it offers private event spaces and court rentals, catering to both casual players and event organizers. The facility promises a comprehensive destination that transcends traditional recreational offerings.

Scheduled to open in early 2025, Hamlin House anticipates ushering in a new era of pickleball and community engagement in Orlando, promising an unparalleled blend of sport, social interaction, and cultural enrichment.

Feature Details
Location SODO district, Orlando
Size 28,000 square feet
Owners Ryan and Michelle DeVos, co-owners of Major League Pickleball’s Orlando Squeeze
Pickleball Courts 7 total (3 indoor, 4 outdoor)
Additional Amenities High-quality dining, artisanal cocktails, specialty coffee
Opening Early 2025

Devos Family Invests in 28000 Sq. ft. Facility

News in Brief: Devos Family Invests in 28000 Sq. ft. Facility

Hamlin House, co-owned by Ryan and Michelle DeVos, stands at the forefront of Orlando’s recreational scene with its innovative 28,000-square-foot facility in SODO. Featuring seven meticulously crafted pickleball courts, upscale dining options, and a vibrant social atmosphere, the venue aims to cater to a diverse community of pickleball enthusiasts and social seekers alike.

Beyond sports, Hamlin House offers private event spaces and fosters community through collaborations with Major League Pickleball’s Orlando Squeeze. Scheduled for an early 2025 debut, it promises to redefine leisure experiences in Orlando, blending sport with social connectivity and cultural enrichment.

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