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Pickleball Fashion at PPA Tour’s Orange County Cup 2024

Pickleball Fashion at PPA Tour’s: The world of men’s pickleball fashion has been steadily evolving, and the Select Medical Orange County Cup showed this transformation in style. Held at Life Time Rancho San Clemente, this event was a dazzling display of athletic prowess and sartorial splendor. While the ladies, as always, looked fierce, this year’s tournament saw an impressive array of stylish outfits from the men, setting a new benchmark in pickleball fashion. Here’s a rundown of the best-dressed players from the tournament.

Best dressed at PPA Tour’s Orange County Cup

Pablo Tellez: All-Blue Monochromatic Look

Pablo Tellez stepped onto the court in an all-blue ensemble that immediately caught the eye. His tie-dye patterned shirt was the standout piece—subtle yet striking. Complementing this with color-coordinated blue shorts, socks, and wristbands, Tellez nailed the monochromatic look. It’s clear he knows how to keep things simple yet stylish.

Rachel Rohrabacher: Classic and Modern Fusion

Rachel Rohrabacher turned heads with a classic yet exciting outfit. Sporting a white tennis skirt with a black waistband and stripe, paired expertly with a black tank top, black hat, and shoes, she showed an impeccable attention to detail. Rohrabacher’s look was a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, proving her prowess both on and off the court.

Travis Rettenmaier: Bold and Vibrant

Travis Rettenmaier is known for his bold fashion choices, and this tournament was no exception. He rocked a multi-colored, wildly patterned collared shirt, paired with white shorts. Rettenmaier’s playful and flamboyant style brought a vibrant energy to the event, making him a standout among the competitors.

Jack Munro: Sharp and Fun

Jack Munro has a knack for combining sharpness with fun elements in his outfits. This time, he opted for an all-black look, accentuated by a pop of red from the logo on his shorts and an offset stripe on his shirt. Munro’s ability to look effortlessly cool makes him a fashion icon in the men’s pickleball scene.

Tom Evans: Cohesive and Stylish

Australian player Tom Evans brought his A-game both in his performance and his attire. Wearing ocean blue shorts and matching blue accents on his shoes, paired with a white shirt, Evans created a cohesive and stylish look. His black and white accessories added a touch of sophistication, completing the outfit perfectly.

Christian Alshon: Fresh and Eye-Catching

Newcomer Christian Alshon made a strong fashion statement with his all-blue ensemble. A navy blue shirt paired with light blue shorts and matching court shoes made for a cohesive and eye-catching outfit. Topped off with a white hat, Alshon’s look was both fresh and stylish, earning him a spot in the best-dressed club.

Lucy Kovalova: Bold and Dynamic

Lucy Kovalova is no stranger to pickleball fashion, and she didn’t disappoint at the Select Medical Orange County Cup. Her fuchsia tank top and tennis skirt combo was both flattering and bold, making a strong statement on the court. Kovalova’s bright and vibrant outfit perfectly matched her dynamic play style.

Greg Dow: Playful Sophistication

Greg Dow’s outfit was a study of playful sophistication. He started with a simple navy shirt but added a twist with navy and sky blue shorts featuring a geometric triangle pattern. Dow’s look combined simplicity with a touch of fun, making it a memorable and stylish choice.

Pickleball Fashion at PPA Tour's

Honorable Mentions

Brooke Buckner usually opts for shorts and a tank top, but she debuted a cute white tennis skirt at this tournament, adding a feminine flair that was both refreshing and stylish.

Tyler Loong deserves a mention for his bold choice of a tan tank top paired with black shorts, a black hat, and a chain. Loong’s athleisure look was on-trend and showed that he’s not afraid to take fashion risks.

As we look forward to the Selkirk Kansas City Open on August 7, the bar has been set high for the second half of the 2024 season. The stylish and spirited display at the Select Medical Orange County Cup has us eagerly anticipating the next wave of fabulous looks and competitive play.

News in Brief: Pickleball Fashion at PPA Tour’s

The Select Medical Orange County Cup at Life Time Rancho San Clemente highlighted evolving men’s pickleball fashion. Pablo Tellez’s all-blue ensemble and Travis Rettenmaier’s vibrant, multi-colored shirt were standout looks. Jack Munro kept it sharp with an all-black outfit, while Tom Evans showcased a cohesive ocean blue and white look.

Christian Alshon’s fresh navy and light blue combo, and Greg Dow’s playful navy and sky blue geometric shorts added to the stylish flair. On the women’s side, Rachel Rohrabacher and Lucy Kovalova impressed with their classic and bold outfits, respectively. As the pickleball season progresses, fashion and athleticism continue to shine, setting high expectations for future tournaments.

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