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Case Construction Inc. Selected for Pickleball Project

Selected for Pickleball Project: Pickleball’s popularity is surging nationwide, directly correlating with increasing demand, as highlighted in recent news coverage across the country. Bartholomew County is set to elevate its recreational offerings with the construction of a cutting-edge pickleball complex next to Dunn Stadium, slated for early fall completion.
Selected through a competitive bidding process, Case Construction Inc. of Edinburgh emerged as the frontrunner, securing the contract with a cost-efficient bid. This project, overseen by DLZ Indiana, LLC consultants, highlights the county’s commitment to meeting growing demand for recreational facilities while navigating logistical challenges like supply shortages and weather uncertainties in south central Indiana.

Bartholomew County commissioners have selected Case Construction Inc. to construct a state-of-the-art pickleball complex adjacent to Dunn Stadium, criticize for completion early this fall. The project will feature a 12-court facility, promising enhanced recreational opportunities for the community.

Following a rigorous evaluation process led by consultants from DLZ Indiana, LLC, Case Construction emerged as the preferred contractor. Their base bid of $510,852, corrected for a previous error, came in nearly $64,000 lower than the closest competitor. In addition to the base bid, commissioners approved a $62,366 proposal from Case to include site amenities such as bleachers, bike racks, and picnic tables.

Despite considering an alternate proposal for concrete courts, which would have increased project costs, the county opted for asphalt courts, maintaining the total project expenditure at $573,218. Notably, the county anticipates savings of up to $100,000 by leveraging resources from the Bartholomew County Highway Department for preliminary revealing and grading work.

Feature Details
Project Name Pickleball Complex next to Dunn Stadium
Contractor Case Construction Inc., Edinburgh
Number of Courts 12 (illuminated)
Projected Completion Early fall 2024
Base Bid $510,852 (selected after correction)
Additional Amenities Cost $62,366
Total Project Cost $573,218
Savings through Highway Department Up to $100,000
Bidder Competition 8 contractors submitted bids
Decision Rationale Opted for asphalt courts over concrete to maintain cost effectiveness
Project Oversight DLZ Indiana, LLC consultants
Project Challenges Supply chain disruptions, potential weather delays
Construction Timeline Work to commence later this month, substantial completion by October 15


The robust response with eight bids from construction firms marks a shift, reflecting increased interest in public sector projects amidst evolving market dynamics. This contrasts with recent trends where local governments struggled to attract bids due to lucrative private sector opportunities.

DLZ consulting engineer Charlie Day expressed optimism about the project’s timeline, aiming for Case Construction to commence work later this month with a substantial completion target by October 15. However, challenges such as supply chain disruptions and weather-related delays in south central Indiana remain potential hurdles, according to Day.

Selected for Pickleball Project

News in Brief: Selected for Pickleball Project

Bartholomew County commissioners have chosen Case Construction Inc. to build a 12-court illuminated pickleball complex adjacent to Dunn Stadium, aiming for completion by early fall. After reviewing bids from eight contractors, Case’s bid of $510,852 was selected, nearly $64,000 lower than the next bidder.

Additional amenities like bleachers and picnic tables, proposed by Case, will cost $62,366. However, a higher-cost proposal for concrete courts was declined, keeping the total project cost at $573,218. Despite challenges such as supply shortages and potential weather delays, the county anticipates substantial savings through collaborative efforts with the Bartholomew County Highway Department for preliminary work.

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Ans: Alright, so when you step onto a pickleball court, you’re looking at something around 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. It’s not quite the size of a tennis court, but it’s perfect for those quick, intense rallies that make pickleball so fun.

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