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Dylan Frazier Tops Men’s Doubles Rankings on PPA Tour

Dylan Frazier Tops Men’s Doubles: Dylan Frazier continues to make headlines on the PPA Tour, establishing himself as the leading force in men’s doubles alongside his partner, JW Johnson. Their recent dominance has been nothing short of spectacular, securing four out of the last five men’s doubles championships over the past six weeks. This remarkable streak underscores their skill, consistency, and ability to perform under pressure.

A Season of Success

The duo’s impressive streak was only briefly interrupted in Sacramento, where they settled for a silver medal. Because of some scheduling conflicts and missed events together, Frazier currently edges out his partner Johnson in PPA Points, reflecting their exceptional performances throughout the season.


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Tied at the Top

With their recent victories, Frazier and Johnson have joined the elite ranks of players like Ben and Collin Johns, each boasting an impressive tally of five gold medals in men’s doubles this year. Their consistent success contrasts with the Johns brothers’ drought, who have not clinched a tournament win in over two months of Partnership.

Frazier’s ascent to the No. 1 spot shows his determination and partnership with Johnson, showing their ability to excel under pressure and deliver standout performances when it counts most. Their chemistry on the court and strategic gameplay has proven formidable, earning them admiration and respect within the pickleball community.


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As the PPA Tour season unfolds, all eyes are on Frazier and Johnson to maintain their momentum and continue their winning ways. With several tournaments still ahead, including opportunities to expand their lead in the standings, the dynamic duo is poised to leave a lasting mark on the competitive landscape of men’s doubles pickleball.

As fans and competitors alike anticipate the next chapter in their journey, Frazier and Johnson stand ready to defend their title and redefine excellence in men’s doubles pickleball.

Dylan Frazier Tops Men’s Doubles

News in Brief: Dylan Frazier Tops Men’s Doubles

Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson are dominating the PPA Tour, claiming four out of five men’s doubles championships in the past six weeks. Their stellar performances solidify Frazier’s edge in PPA Points, despite a silver medal in Sacramento. Matching the Johns brothers with five gold medals this season, Frazier and Johnson’s partnership exemplifies skill and consistency.

Their chemistry on the court and strategic prowess make them formidable contenders as they aim to maintain momentum and defend their top ranking. With more tournaments ahead, the duo continues to set the standard in men’s doubles pickleball, captivating fans and competitors alike with their impressive run.

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