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Pickleball Kingdom Expanding with 2nd Location in Utah

Pickleball Kingdom Expanding: Pickleball enthusiasts in Utah have reason to rejoice as Pickleball Kingdom gears up to launch its second location in the state. Set against the backdrop of Utah’s growing sports scene, the new facility promises to elevate the pickleball experience with state-of-the-art amenities and a commitment to community engagement.

The expansion comes as part of Pickleball Kingdom’s strategic growth plan, aiming to cater to the increasing demand for the sport across different demographics. With its first location already a local favorite, the new venue is poised to become a hub for both seasoned players and newcomers eager to experience the thrill of pickleball.

Pickleball Kingdom continues its expansion into Utah with the announcement of a new franchise in American Fork. This marks the second facility planned for the state, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing top-tier indoor pickleball venues across Utah.

Ace Rodrigues founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom expressed their excitement about introducing Pickleball Kingdom to American Fork, citing the enthusiastic support from the local community as a significant source of motivation. John Peterson and Kaleb Scholes, their partners in the venture, are equally passionate about advancing pickleball in Utah.

“We’re pleased to bring Pickleball Kingdom to American Fork. The local community is so strong and encouraging there. Their interest and excitement have been a huge motivation for us, John Peterson and Kaleb Scholes are exceptional leaders who share our vision and passion for growing the sport of pickleball in Utah.” 

-( Ace Rodrigues )


Kaleb Scholes, co-owner of the American Fork location, expressed eagerness to contribute to the growth of a vibrant pickleball community. Peterson emphasized their commitment to creating an inclusive space where players can enjoy the game, develop their skills, and grow meaningful connections.

 “We are eager to contribute to the development of a thriving pickleball community here in Utah. Our goal is to foster a welcoming environment where players can enjoy the game, enhance their skills, and experience a strong sense of community through pickleball.”

– (Kaleb Scholes)

About Pickleball Kingdom

On May 2, 2022, Pickleball Kingdom opened its first location in Chandler, Arizona, to great excitement. Featuring 15 individually surrounded courts, the club offers the beloved outdoor feel with all the conveniences of indoor facilities, including a mezzanine viewing area, pro shop, snack bar, and locker rooms with showers.

After a successful year of operations and refining its model, Pickleball Kingdom embarked on a national expansion through franchising. The Leadership Team began reviewing franchise applications in May 2023, and the response was overwhelming. Within six months, approximately 100 franchise clubs had been awarded, with the number continuing to grow weekly.

Pickleball Kingdom aims to establish itself as the leading brand in indoor pickleball, first in the United States and then globally. Central to its ethos are vibrant, inclusive communities where players of all levels feel welcome and supported.

Pickleball Kingdom Expanding

News in Brief: Pickleball Kingdom Expanding

Pickleball Kingdom is expanding its presence in Utah with a new location in American diverge, providing to the state’s growing interest in the sport. Positioned to enhance the pickleball experience with state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on community engagement, the franchise aims to meet the rising demand across diverse demographics. Led by founder Ace Rodrigues and partners John Peterson and Kaleb Scholes, the venture shows their commitment to advancing pickleball in Utah. With a successful debut in Arizona, Pickleball Kingdom continues its mission to establish premier indoor venues nationwide, fostering inclusive communities where players of all levels thrive.

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