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Post OC Cup Men’s Singles Rankings of the PPA Tour 2024

Post OC Cup Men’s Singles Rankings: The men’s singles draw featured an impressive lineup of 153 players, with only eight spots available in the round of 64 after a rigorous qualifying phase. Haworth’s journey to the top included notable victories over top contenders like Ben Johns and Federico Staksrud, culminating in a hard-fought triumph in the final match.

In the finale at the 2024 PPA Tour’s  Orange County Cup presented by Fitvine Wine, Christopher Haworth emerged victorious to claim his maiden PPA singles title, marking a significant career milestone. The path to glory saw Haworth navigate through a fiercely competitive field, showcasing his exceptional prowess on the court.

Johns and Staksrud, currently tied for the top spot in the rankings, fell prey to Haworth’s determined play, underscoring his rise in the competitive ranks. Haworth’s victory not only signifies his growing stature in the sport but also reflects the dynamic nature of professional pickleball. With each match, players like Haworth redefine expectations and push the boundaries of their sport, setting the stage for an exhilarating season ahead.

Men’s Singles Standings

Rank Player Country Points
1 Ben Johns USA 17900
1 Federico Staksrud ARG 17900
3 Connor Garnett USA 9100
4 Tyson McGuffin USA 8425
5 Christian Alshon USA 7200
6 Quang Duong VNM 5100
7 Dylan Frazier USA 5050
8 Jaume Martinez Vich ESP 4300
9 James Johnson USA 3875
10 Jack Sock USA 3675
11 Gabriel Joseph USA 3350
12 Chris Haworth USA 3325
13 Pablo Tellez COL 3300
14 Aanik Lohani USA 3100
15 Jay Devilliers FRA 2775
16 Collin Shick USA 2350
17 Julian Arnold USA 2312.5
18 Hayden Patriquin USA 1937.5
19 Roscoe Bellamy USA 1562.5
20 Rafa Hewett USA 1475

As the PPA Tour continues to unfold, all eyes will be on how Haworth and other rising stars navigate the challenges ahead, promising more thrilling moments and fierce competition in the world of pickleball.

News in Brief: Post OC Cup Men’s Singles Rankings

Christopher Haworth clinched his inaugural PPA singles title at the 2024 Orange County Cup in San Clemente, California, defeating top contenders Ben Johns and Federico Staksrud in consecutive matches to secure victory. His triumph not only highlights his rise in the sport but also underscores the competitive intensity of professional pickleball. With his impressive performance, Haworth has set a high standard for the season ahead, promising fans more thrilling matches and fierce competition as the PPA Tour progresses.

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