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Halloween Themed Pickleball Event Coming to Bentonville

Halloween Themed Pickleball Event: Bentonville is gearing up to celebrate Halloween with a thrilling twist this year, as plans for a spooky-themed pickleball tournament are underway. The event promises to blend the excitement of pickleball with the festive spirit of Halloween, offering players and spectators alike a unique experience in the heart of Arkansas.

Scheduled for the fall season, this tournament aims to attract pickleball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels from across Bentonville and beyond. Organizers are putting their best foot forward to create a memorable event, complete with themed decorations, costume contests, and eerie ambiance

Prepare for a thrilling showdown at Osage Park this Halloween season as the Peel Compton Foundation gears up to host the Monster Match Pickleball Tournament on October 26-27. This frightfully fun event invites players to embrace the Halloween spirit by donning their most creative costumes, with special prizes awaiting the best-dressed competitors.

Featuring a round-robin format, the tournament welcomes players of varying skill levels, ranging from 2.5 to 4.0. Participants will vie for medals and coveted prizes, with recognition awarded to the top three performers in each division.

Teams of two are required for registration, with each player signing up individually. Entry fees are set at $40 per person, while those keen on competing in both doubles and mixed doubles can register for $60.

Layne Hyatt, the director of programs at Peel Compton Foundation, emphasizes that the tournament caters to all levels of play, accommodating both novice participants and seasoned 4.0 players. Additionally, she encourages all attendees to embrace the festive spirit by participating in costume during the event.

“This tournament is perfect for all levels of play, from those who have never played in a tournament to the experienced 4.0 players, As an added element to the tournament, we strongly encourage all participants to get into the spirit of the season and play in costume.”- ( Layne Hyatt )


Event Name Monster Match Pickleball Tournament
Date October 26-27, [2024]
Location Osage Park, Bentonville, Arkansas
Format Round-robin for skill levels 2.5 to 4.0
Registration Teams of two, individual sign-up
Entry Fee $40 per person, $60 for doubles and mixed doubles
Special Features Halloween costumes encouraged, costume contests
Prizes Medals and prizes for top three in each division
Organizer Peel Compton Foundation

News in Brief: Halloween Themed Pickleball Event

Bentonville is gearing up for a thrilling Halloween with a spooky-themed pickleball tournament at Osage Park on October 26-27. Organized by the Peel Compton Foundation, the event invites players of all ages and skill levels to compete in a round-robin format. Embracing the Halloween spirit, participants are encouraged to dress in costume, with special prizes for the best-dressed. Registration requires teams of two, and individuals can compete in both doubles and mixed doubles categories for an entry fee of $40 per person. This festive tournament promises a unique blend of sportsmanship and Halloween fun for the Bentonville community and beyond.

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