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Waters and Parenteau Maintain No. 1 Position Post OC Cup

Waters and Parenteau Maintain No. 1 Position: The Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wine once again showcased the unparalleled dominance of the #1 ranked women’s doubles team, Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau. In a tournament teeming with elite talent, Waters and Parenteau demonstrated why they sit at top the women’s pro doubles category, securing another title in their impressive partnership.

Their journey to victory wasn’t without its challenges. The semifinals tested their courage as they faced fierce competition, but their synergy and skill saw them through to Championship Sunday, where they clinched the title. This victory reaffirms their supremacy in the sport, leaving their opponents striving to keep pace.

Notable Performances and Ranking Shifts

While Waters and Parenteau celebrated their latest triumph, other teams made significant strides in the rankings. Tina Pisnik and Jessie Irvine had an exceptional week, battling through tough matches to earn a spot in the finals. Their performance earned them a well-deserved silver medal, pushing Pisnik from No. 17 to No. 15 and Irvine from No. 18 to No. 17 in the latest rankings.

The dynamic duo of Hurricane Tyra Black and Parris Todd also made their mark. Although they fell to Pisnik and Irvine in the semifinals, they rebounded impressively to secure the bronze medal. This strong showing elevated Black from No. 13 to No. 10, while Todd moved up from No. 20 to No. 19, reflecting their growing presence in the competitive landscape of women’s doubles.

Women’s Doubles Rankings

Rank Player Country Points
1 Anna Leigh Waters USA 21800
2 Catherine Parenteau CAN 19800
3 Anna Bright USA 14800
4 Callie Smith USA 10400
5 Meghan Dizon USA 9800
6 Marietta Wright USA 9200
7 Lucy Kovalova SVK 9100
8 Rachel Rohrabacher USA 9050
9 Jade Kawamoto USA 7250
10 Tyra Hurricane Black USA 7050
11 Vivienne David USA 6825
12 Lacy Schneemann USA 6550
13 Lea Jansen USA 6450
14 Allyce Jones USA 6025
15 Tina Pisnik SVN 6000
16 Jackie Kawamoto USA 5950
17 Jessie Irvine USA 5550
18 Andrea Koop USA 4900
19 Parris Todd USA 4850
20 Lauren Stratman USA 4350

Dynamic Competition Ahead

The women’s doubles event at the Orange County Cup highlighted not only the dominance of Waters and Parenteau but also the rising talents who are pushing the boundaries and adding depth to the field. As the season progresses, the battles on the court will continue to intensify, promising more thrilling moments and shifts in the rankings. The quest to dethrone the champions is on, and each match brings new drama to the world of professional pickleball.

News in Brief: Waters and Parenteau Maintain No. 1 Position

The Orange County Cup showcased the dominance of Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau, who secured another women’s doubles title. Their victory came after a challenging semifinal and a final, showing their top-ranked status. Rising talents like Tina Pisnik and Jessie Irvine earned silver, improving their rankings, while Hurricane Tyra Black and Parris Todd claimed bronze, reflecting their growing presence in the competitive landscape. As the PPA Tour continues, expect intensified competition and thrilling moments in women’s doubles.

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